Medical Genius Chapter 894

 When they were arrested earlier, Wu Fei Fei had proudly announced her relationship with Fang Wu De.

                In Xu Jiangong's heart, he simply hated Wu Fei Fei to the bone.

                Only then did Fang Hui remember that the Fang family had been brought in by Wu Fei Fei, and that Wu Fei Fei had poisoned their dishes.

                She immediately sat down with tears in her eyes and sighed, "Ai, this child, how ...... could she do such a stupid thing?"

                Xu Jiangong said angrily, "Is this foolishness on her part?"

                "This is simply bad of her!"

                "She's been back for so long, how well our family has treated her."

                "We've served her well, we've helped her father with his work, we've done our best."

                "But they've done nothing but cause trouble for us."

                "She almost got us all killed this time, can't you see what kind of person she is?"

                "Fang Hui, Fang Hui, I've never seen someone as stupid as you!"

                Xu Hanxia also said angrily, "Mom, don't hang out with them in the future."

                "If this goes on, they will get our family killed sooner or later!"

                Fang Hui sighed ruefully, she was still a little reluctant.

                At that moment, a voice suddenly came from outside.

                The crowd walked out to take a look, only to see Wu Fei Fei lying on the lawn in the courtyard.

                Her hands were tied and her mouth was wrapped in tape as she struggled desperately and looked towards Fang Hui for help.

                "Aiya, Fei Fei, you ...... are you alright ......"

                Fang Hui exclaimed, just taking two steps, before Xu Jian Gong pulled her back.

                "Lin Mo, go and throw her out!"

                "Tell the security guards at the Centurion Mansion, this kind of trash, don't let her in again in the future!"

                Xu Jiangong shouted.

                Fang Hui was anxious: "Xu Jian Gong, are you crazy?"

                "She's a girl, throwing herself out in the middle of the night, what if she ...... she meets bad people?"

                Xu Jiankong said coldly, "In this world, is there anyone worse than her?"

                "Besides, what can the bad guys do to her?"

                "She can accompany that old thing Fang Wude, what else is there that she can't do?"

                "Fang Hui, I'm warning you, if you help her again, you'll get out with her!"

                "From now on, you won't be able to return to this house either!"

                Fang Hui's eyes burst into tears, "Jian Gong ah, she's my niece."

                "Her ...... mother was so good to us before, we can't be ungrateful ......"

                Xu Jiangong was furious and turned around and slapped her across the face, "If you ever mention this to me again, get the hell out of here!"

                "Her mother is good to us and that's all it takes for our family to die?"

                "It's lucky that Tiger saved us tonight, if Tiger and the others didn't know about this, we'd probably all be sunk in the Guangyang River by now!"

                "Fang Hui, Fang Hui, do you have to toss our family to death before you are satisfied?"

                Fang Hui covered her face and dared not speak, but could only look at Xu Hanxia for help.

                Xu Hanxia sighed, "Lin Mo, why don't you untie her and let her go?"

                "Tell the security guards that from now on, no one from their family is allowed to enter the Shengshi Mansion anymore!"

                Xu Jiangong grunted, but in the end, he didn't say anything.

                Lin Mo nodded as he walked over and untied the ropes on Wu Fei Fei's body.

                Wu Fei Fei didn't dare to say a word now, and left the Xu family with her head bowed.

                Walking out of the Shengshi Mansion, she crouched in the corner alone and cried bitterly.

                Having almost lost her life tonight, she was finally beginning to regret what she had done.

                But it was already too late to start regretting now.

                After sitting paralyzed for a long time, she suddenly remembered something and hastily pulled out her phone and found Peter's contact information.

                "Peter, it's me, you ...... where are you?"

                "I'm going to look for you now, I find I can't leave you, I love you so much!"

                "Peter, wait for me, I'll be right there ......"