Medical Genius Chapter 892

 Lin Mo's face was chilled, there was no doubt that this man was precisely looking for Barbara.

                However, looking at him, it was obvious that he was running to kill Barbara.

                "Do you have any information on this little girl?"

                Lin Mo asked.

                Fang Wude nodded: "I have the information, but can this information be exchanged for a life for my Fang family?"

                Lin Mo looked at him with cold eyes, "What do you think?"

                Fang Wude laughed lightly, "Mr. Lin, I am talking about leaving a way out for the Fang family, not on my own behalf."

                "I can die, but, the Fang family cannot be extinguished."

                Lin Mo stared at him for a moment, "Give me the information first."

                Fang Wude did not hesitate and immediately handed a pile of information to Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo opened the information and read through it.

                The information described a Miao frontier woman who had suffered humiliation in her clan because she had given birth to a girl covered in abscesses.

                In desperation, she left Miaojiang with her daughter and fled to Guangyang City.

                Ten years ago, this woman died and her daughter was sent to a shelter.

                But because her daughter was covered in abscesses and was disliked, the girl ran away from the shelter again and has been missing ever since.

                All these circumstances are exactly the same as those of Barbara.

                There was no doubt that Barbara had indeed come out of Miaojiang, and this, in turn, confirmed the suspicions in Lin Mo's heart.

                Lin Mo put the information away without moving a muscle.

                Fang Wude stood in front of Lin Mo, respectfully: "Mr. Lin, there is a reason for injustice."

                "This matter was done by me alone, and I am willing to die to thank for my crime."

                "But, most of the Fang family are innocent ......"

                Lin Mo directly interrupted him, "Fang Wude, if I can help your Fang Family regain its former strength and take up the top three among the top ten families, are you willing to do something for me!"

                Fang Wude froze for a moment as he looked at Lin Mo in shock.

                He had originally thought that Lin Mo would kill himself, but to his surprise, Lin Mo would say such a thing.

                What did this mean?

                Was Lin Mo going to take the Fang family under his command?

                After a long time of silence, Fang Wu De said in a low voice, "Mr. Lin, the Fang Family was founded by our ancestor."

                "Everything about the Fang family was fought for by our ancestor."

                "Today, although the Fang family is not as glorious as it once was, it will not become someone else's punching bag ......"

                Lin Mo shook his head, "I didn't ask you guys to become my punching bags!"

                "I just want to cooperate with you guys."

                "Cooperation means, do you understand?"

                "It means that whatever I want you guys to do, I will pay the corresponding price."

                "Likewise, you guys can also pay some price for what you want my help to do."

                A brilliant aura flashed in Fang Wude's eyes as he stared carefully at Lin Mo, incredulity in his eyes.

                This was the first time he had examined Lin Mo carefully, and after a long time, he suddenly smiled, "Mr. Lin, ambitious!"

                Lin Mo got up and walked to the window and said softly, "A man should always have some ambition!"

                "My ambition, it's not in Guangyang City!"

                "Guangdong Province is so big, your Fang family, too, shouldn't be limited to Guangyang City, shouldn't it?"

                Fang Wu De's body trembled, Lin Mo was implying to him that the Fang Family could actually become one of the top ten families in Guangyang Province!

                And such a thing was something that the top ten families in Guangyang City wouldn't even dare to dream of.

                The top ten families in Guangyang Province were the ones that had been passed down for hundreds of years and were still standing.

                Lin Mo, could it be that he wanted to break the existing pattern in Guangyang Province? He had so much guts!

                He took a fierce step forward, "Mr. Lin, so sure?"

                Lin Mo laughed lightly, "Whether or not you're certain, you'll know later."

                "And in the meantime, you and I can form an alliance first."

                "You may not need to do things for me, but, at least, you can't stab me in the back!"

                Fang Wude bowed his head and pondered for a long time before finally putting away his smile and nodding slowly, "Good!"

                "On behalf of the Fang family, I, Fang Wude, form an alliance with Mr. Lin today!"