Medical Genius Chapter 891

 Lin Mo waved his hand, "I don't understand what you're talking about!"

                Sangjo's face was fierce, almost hissing, "You don't want to lie to me!"

                "There's no way a snake centipede can fight a poisonous toad, unless it's one she personally bred."

                "This snake centipede is so terribly poisonous, if you look at the entire Miao border, no one can raise it at all, she is the only one who can raise this kind of snake centipede!"

                "You ...... must have seen her, she's the one helping you, right? Right!"

                Lin Mo's heart secretly moved, he knew that the she that Sang Zhuo was talking about was definitely Barbara.

                However, Lin Mo still pretended as if he didn't know anything.

                "Sorry, I really don't know what you're talking about!"

                "However, since you've lost, you should admit it."

                Lin Mo took out a few silver needles and was just about to throw them over when he noticed that black blood began to flow from Sang Zhuo's nostrils.

                Lin Mo's face changed and he hurriedly ran over, as Sang Zhuo's entire face had turned pitch black.

                Sang Zhuo wore a hideous smile, "Without my original compulsion, I won't be able to live much longer."

                "You want to take me back and interrogate me?"

                "I'm telling you, it's not possible!"

                "You'll never know exactly who is looking for her!"

                "And, the news, I've already passed it back to Miaojiang."

                "Soon, someone will come looking for you."

                "You can't keep her, you can't keep her ......"

                At the end of his sentence, Sang Zhuo's expression became more and more fierce, but his voice also became more faint.

                Lin Mo frowned tightly, he knew that Sang Zhuo must have used the secret method of the compulsion tribe to send a message back and then swallowed the compulsion to kill himself.

                News of Ah Man might soon be known.

                When that happened, there was no telling how many people would come looking for him!

                Sang Zhuo fell to the ground, his body pitch-black and in a miserable state of death.

                The people of the Fang family were pale.

                Sang Zhuo was the master they had hired, even Sang Zhuo had died, so what hope did the Fang family have?

                Fang Laosan quietly walked over to Fang Wude: "Big brother, you go first, I ...... will lead the men to stop him!"

                Fang Wude waved his hand, "It's impossible to get away."

                Fang Laosan was anxious: "Big brother, then ...... we can't just sit around and wait for death!"

                "How about I gather everyone in the Fang family and fight him?"

                Fang Wu De shook his head, "You guys should go out first."

                "This matter, I caused it, I'll settle it."

                Fang Lao San: "Big brother ......"

                Fang Wu De said indignantly, "Get out!"

                "Do you want me to die in front of you right now?"

                Fang Lao San looked embarrassed and was silent for a long time before finally gritting his teeth and retreating out with the crowd.

                As he watched the Fang family members leave, the expression on Fang Wu De's face gradually soothed, and finally laughed lightly instead.

                He walked over to the table and sat down, drinking his tea as he laughed, "Mr. Lin is really something else."

                "It seems that I really have chosen the wrong opponent!"

                Lin Mo then lifted his head and glanced at him indifferently.

                "I want this person's identity information!"

                Lin Mo said in a cold voice.

                Fang Wude shrugged his shoulders, "I'm really sorry, I don't really have his identity information."

                "All I know is that he comes from the Miao frontier and is extremely skilled at placing compulsions."

                "And that he was looking for a little girl."

                "Other than that, I don't know anything else."

                "He and I, we're just working together."

                "I helped him find this little girl, and he helped me ascend to the position of family head."

                "In fact, the two of us, originally, were well water, not water."

                "But, it just so happened that you got involved in this villa area of my Fang family, so I had to take a shot at you."

                Lin Mo frowned: "The little girl he asked you to find, who exactly is she?"

                Fang Wude: "I'm not too sure."

                "Anyway, looking at him, this little girl, is of vital importance to Miaojiang, and they have sent out a lot of people to look for her."

                "Oh, yes, according to him. Live to see, die to see!"