Medical Genius Chapter 890

 The toad fell to the ground next to him, while this man from the Fang family let out a miserable scream.

                The crowd looked closely and saw that the hand he had touched the toad began to glow black, a blackness that instantly spread to his whole body.

                Fang Laosan became anxious: "Old Seven has been poisoned!"

                "Master, save him quickly!"

                Sangjo's face was icy cold: "It can't be saved."

                "Touching my original compulsion, even the gods cannot save it!"

                The man fell to the ground, foaming at the mouth and twitching, and in a moment he was not breathing.

                The faces of all the people changed and they involuntarily retreated again, no one dared to go near the toad again.

                Sang Zhuo looked at Lin Mo with a cold smile, "Kid, kneel down and beg for mercy now, and I might be able to spare your life!"

                "Otherwise, when the inborn parasite falls on your body later, that kind of pain, hmph, will make you never forget it!"

                Lin Mo skimmed his lips, "You're still full of nonsense!"

                "Why don't you kneel down and beg me for mercy?"

                Sandro was furious and let out a roar, ordering the toad to attack again.

                The toad crouched on the ground and looked straight at Lin Mo, a croaking sound coming out of its mouth.

                Lin Mo didn't panic and pulled out a porcelain vase from his body.

                He opened the porcelain vase and a colourful centipede rushed straight out from inside!

                Sangjo glanced at it and said in shock, "This is a snake centipede!?"

                "How did you get such a thing?"

                "You keep parasites too?"

                Lin Mo: "I'm not going to do something so disgusting."

                "This is just a little one that I caught at random."

                "You're not sure if you can fight this little fellow with this intrinsic compulsion!"

                Sang Zhuo stared at Lin Mo for a while, seeing that he didn't look like he could raise a compulsion, his face turned cold once again.

                "It looks like it's the people of the Seventy-two Dong who are behind you!"

                "No wonder you know so much about the affairs of my Miaojiang!"

                "Hmph, but what can be done about it?"

                "The Snake Centipede is not even in the same league as my Poison Toad."

                "Are you taking out such a small gadget to give my poisonous toad as a midnight snack?"

                Sangjo let out a strange laugh and let out another whistle, and the toad immediately stared at the colourful centipede on the ground.

                The multicoloured centipede also noticed the toad, and it wandered slowly across the ground, staring at the toad with a deadly stare.

                The toad did not move a muscle, but when it saw that the centipede had reached it, the toad suddenly opened its mouth and rolled its long tongue around, taking the colourful centipede directly into its mouth.

                Seeing this scene, Sang Zhuo once again laughed wildly, "A trivial skill, how dare you make a fool of yourself!"

                "Kid, it seems that the person behind you is not very good either!"

                "Today, I'll make you pay the price for your arrogance!"

                The toad received the call and immediately set its eyes on Lin Mo, and was about to jump.

                Suddenly, as if it had been attacked by something, it unexpectedly fell to the ground and rolled in place.

                A croaking sound came out of its mouth, unusually harsh, as if it was experiencing some kind of pain.

                Sanzhuo was dumbfounded, he had never encountered such a situation before.

                What was happening to his own parasite?

                As he was wondering, the toad fell to the ground, motionless.

                And on its stomach, a small opening appeared.

                The colourful centipede that it had swallowed just now had actually bitten through its stomach and crawled out.

                The five-coloured centipede circled around the toad twice, pounced on it and began to devour the toad.

                Sangjo's eyes were wide and full of incredulity.

                "How is that possible?"

                "How is it possible?"

                "There's no way the snake centipede is a match for the poisonous toad!"

                "Once swallowed by the poisonous toad, it would be poisoned to death by the poisonous toad, so how could it still fight back?"

                "What is this ...... snake centipede all about?"

                Lin Mo, on the other hand, had a calm face, "Sang Zhuo, it seems that your natal compulsion is not much more than that!"

                Sang Zhuo was silent for a long time, then suddenly his eyes widened and he looked straight at Lin Mo: "You ...... have you seen her?"