Medical Genius Chapter 89-90

 Chapter 89

It was definitely impossible to recover the 300 million.

                Therefore, Lin Mo could only think of other ways to raise the money.

                Right now, on Lin Mo's side, there were three people who could easily come up with three hundred million - Nanba Tian, Huang Yongfeng and Chen Shengyuan!

                Although Zhao Qianyuan was powerful, it didn't mean he was rich, he just had more power!

                In the end, Lin Mo chose Huang Yongfeng.

                He arrived at Huang Yongfeng's company, and before he even went upstairs, Lin Mo's brow furrowed.

                Although this building was under the blazing sun, it was shrouded in an indescribably eerie aura.

                Lin Mo had received the inheritance from the divine doctor saint Lin Chongxuan, which included not only the art of medicine, but also the art of feng shui.

                The last time he saw Huang Yongfeng, Lin Mo felt that something was not right with his situation.

                His son's car accident was so serious, it was not just an accident.

                However, Huang Yongfeng and Lin Mo did not know each other well, and since Mrs. Huang's attitude was so bad, Lin Mo did not bother to care so much about it.

                This time, for the sake of the three hundred million, Lin Mo had to come here to take a trip.

                Walking into the Huang Group, Lin Mo registered at the front desk and sat down next to it to wait.

                Not long afterwards, he saw the girl at the front desk, walking over with a group of security guards.

                At the head of the group was a fat white security guard, and when he saw Lin Mo, his eyes flashed sharply, as if he had seen an enemy.

                This fat white man was Madame Huang's cousin and worked here as the head of security.

                A few days ago, Madam Huang came back and whined in front of him about how she had been humiliated by Lin Mo.

                Fatty White took it to heart and had long wanted to find a chance to clean up Lin Mo and avenge his sister's death.

                Unexpectedly, Lin Mo even found his way to his door himself.

                "Stand up, who told you to sit here!" Fatty White scolded angrily.

                Lin Mo frowned: "The sofa you put in the hall, isn't it for people to sit on?"

                Fatty White: "It's for people to sit on, but have you been allowed to sit?"

                "What do you mean?" Lin Mo's face turned cold, this security guard was clearly here to cause trouble.

                "Humph!" The fat white man snorted coldly, "Your name is Lin Mo?"

                Lin Mo did not answer.

                The security guard scolded angrily, "Are you deaf? Didn't you hear me ask you?"

                Lin Mo didn't bother to pay attention to him and waved his hand, "I don't want to talk nonsense with you, go and tell Huang Yongfeng to come down!"

                "How dare you!" The guard cursed, "Who the hell gave you the guts to call our General Manager Huang by his name!"

                Lin Mo said angrily, "What the hell do you want?"

                "Who do you think our Mr. Huang is that you can see him whenever you want to?" The security guard said in a cold voice: "Get lost, Mr. Huang is not a guest today!"

                Lin Mo frowned: "You mean, you can make decisions for Huang Yongfeng?"

                A security guard next to him immediately said, "Our captain, who is Mr. Huang's brother-in-law, can of course make decisions for Mr. Huang!"

                Lin Mo suddenly realized, and his face turned cold: "Let me advise you, let Huang Yongfeng come to see me immediately! You can't afford to delay the main event!"

                "Who the hell are you scaring!" Fatty White cursed, "I'm telling you, I'm here today, you'll never see my brother-in-law!"

                "If you want to see my brother-in-law, that's fine. Kneel down here now and kowtow until my sister's anger subsides, then maybe I'll let you see my brother-in-law!"

                "Forget it, I won't talk nonsense to you!" Lin Mo waved his hand and took out his mobile phone, "I'll call Huang Yongfeng myself!"

                "Still want to call? Take his phone away from me!" Fatty White shouted angrily.

                Several security guards immediately rushed up, not even snatching the phone.

                Armed with sticks, they came straight towards Lin Mo's head and hit him.

Chapter 90

Lin Mo's face was cold as he lifted his foot and kicked a security guard away. At the same time, his fists came out in unison, and in three blows, he knocked down all these security guards.

                Fatty White was directly dumbfounded, they had never suffered a loss in the past when they had bullied others on account of their numbers.

                Now, seven or eight of them beat one, but they all fell down, what the hell is this?

                "You ...... dare to hit someone here ......" Fatty White's voice shivered, "Do you know that this is the Huang Group ......"

                Lin Mo didn't bother to pay attention to him and took out his phone to dial Huang Yongfeng's number.

                However, the call was unreachable.

                Lin Mo was surprised, he had just called a few times on the way, but all of them were unreachable, what was Huang Yongfeng busy with.

                Just at that moment, Madam Huang walked out with a group of people.

                Her face was full of gloom: "Lin Mo, what do you want?"

                "How dare you come to our company and cause trouble, do you really think that our Huang family members are easy to bully?"

                Lin Mo: "I'm looking for Huang Yongfeng on an important matter, you tell him to come down to see me!"

                Mrs. Huang was furious: "Do you think my husband is one of your men? You can call on him at will!"

                "In this Guangyang City, no one dares to speak to my husband like that!"

                "Who are you to say that he has to come down just because you say so?"

                Lin Mo's brows furrowed as he said in a cold voice, "Mrs. Huang, are you planning to cross the river and tear down the bridge because you think your son is no longer in danger?"

                Madam Huang was furious, "Tearing down the bridge across the river?"

                "Surnamed Lin, who are you to say such words?"

                "You saved my son and we gave you a supreme card worth hundreds of millions of dollars."

                "How dare you not know enough, you came here this time to ask for more favours?"

                "Even a beggar is not as greedy and shameless as you are!"

                Speaking in anger, Madam Huang simply waved her hand, "You are not qualified to stand in front of me, men, throw him out!"

                Several sturdy men immediately surrounded Lin Mo in the middle, these men were practitioners at first glance, their temples bulging.

                The man at the head of the group said in a cold voice: "Get out yourself, or, we'll throw you out!"

                Lin Mo said in a cold voice: "Madam Huang, I've come to help you this time, must you be so desperate?"

                "I told you to get out, who told you to speak!" The leader man was furious and punched Lin Mo violently in the chest.

                Lin Mo casually grabbed his wrist and twisted it so hard that the man's arm made a crunching sound and directly dislocated.

                Several other men were shocked and attacked Lin Mo with their hands.

                These men were a bit stronger, but they were still not strong enough to face Lin Mo.

                Soon, these few men were all knocked to the ground as well.

                Madam Huang's eyes were wide, these were all her bodyguards, one person had no problem beating several of them. Now, surprisingly, they were all knocked down by Lin Mo, what kind of monster was this?

                "You ...... how dare you hit someone in our company ......" Mrs. Huang was furious: "Call the police! Quickly call the police!"

                Lin Mo frowned, not bothering to dwell on it, and said in a cold voice: "Mrs. Huang, to tell you the truth, your son's matter is not over yet."

                "In less than twenty-four hours, your son will have another accident."

                "By then, it won't be that easy to beg me to save your life again!"

                Lin Mo walked straight away.

                Mrs. Huang froze for a moment and then cursed angrily, "Surnamed Lin, you dare to curse my son?"

                "My son is in the hospital right now, under supervision the whole time."

                "I'd like to see what kind of accident will happen to my son!"