Medical Genius Chapter 889

 Elder Fang was incomparably surprised, "It can still be like this?"

                "Master Sangjo, this spirit compulsion of yours, it's just too amazing!"

                As he spoke, the first rat had already rushed to Lin Mo's front.

                Lin Mo didn't retreat either, as if he had resigned himself to his fate.

                When the rat reached Lin Mo, Lin Mo suddenly threw a black pill down.

                The rat seemed to be attracted by the pill and directly turned around and ran over.

                After circling around the pill a few times and sniffing it, it actually started to swallow that pill.

                And strangely enough, its body began to gradually grow smaller, as if it had been deflated, and finally became its original size again.

                Master Sandro's eyes widened in disbelief: "How ...... how could this happen?"

                "How could this happen?"

                Lin Mo waved his hand, "Sanzhuo, come out with the native compulsion."

                "Such a small thing, don't bring it out to shame!"

                Master Sang Zhuo stared at Lin Mo with a deadly stare, "There are indeed many strange people in the Central Plains!"

                "Lin Mo, you are really something."

                "But, if you want to ruin my business, you must die!"

                "If you want to see my original compulsion, I'll make it happen for you!"

                After Master Sanzhuo finished speaking, he suddenly flipped backwards in place, as if he had gone mad, chanting under his breath.

                At the same time, he grabbed many snakes and insects out of his body and put them in his mouth to chew and swallow.

                At that moment, a lump of flesh also appeared on his chest, slowly moving upwards, as if something was about to come out.

                After almost ten minutes, the lump of flesh reached the position of his throat.

                Master Sandro's face was swollen and red, as if he was about to be suffocated to death.

                After a while, he suddenly opened his mouth and spat out a toad the size of his fist.

                The toad was red in colour and its eyes were bulging outwards, making it extremely terrifying to watch.

                After it crawled out, it turned its head and looked around.

                Suddenly, it stretched out its tongue and struck a rat nearby.

                The rat's body was originally swollen like a basketball, but when the toad swiped its tongue, it instantly became its original size.

                The rat fell to the ground, trembling as if it had been poisoned.

                The toad stretched out its long tongue, swept it up in its mouth and swallowed it straight away.

                When the people around saw this scene, they were all stunned.

                Master Sandro had just said that the rat was covered in poison and would die if touched.

                Now, the toad had swallowed the rat. Was the toad not afraid of the poison?

                Sang Zhuo's expression was weak as he looked at Lin Mo with a cold smile, "Kid, you want to see my original compulsion, I'll give you the chance now."

                "But, anyone who sees my original compulsion will have to die!"

                "You asked for this, I will fulfill you today!"

                With those words, Master Sandro let out a low cry.

                As if it had heard an order, that toad slowly turned its head to look at Lin Mo.

                Suddenly, it let out a croak, and then directly jumped with a bounce, pouncing straight at Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo flung his right hand and three silver needles flew out at the same time, ready to nail the toad.

                However, when the silver needles landed on the toad's skin, they were all bounced away.

                The toad's skin was so thick that the silver needles could not pierce it.

                Master Sanzhuo laughed loudly, "Kid, this is my original compulsion."

                "I've been cultivating it for fifty-three years, and this inborn compulsion has long been invulnerable to swords and spears!"

                "But let me remind you of one thing."

                "This inborn compulsion of mine is much more poisonous than all the poisonous creatures you've ever seen combined!"

                Fang Wu De and the others' faces changed, this inborn compulsion, was it so terrifyingly powerful?

                When he saw that the toad was about to rush onto Lin Mo, Lin Mo smoothly pulled off a piece of cloth from his body and flicked it with force, sending the toad flying.

                A man from the Fang family next to him had not taken precautions and the toad had already rushed in front of him.

                He subconsciously tried to wield his hand to block it, but the strength of the toad was beyond his imagination, and it directly knocked him back a few steps.