Medical Genius Chapter 888

 Lin Mo tilted his head and smiled, "It seems that Master has a murderous intent towards me!"

                "It just so happens that I don't want to let you live either."

                "If that's the case, let's decide whether we live or die first!"

                Master Sanzhuo glanced at Lin Mo: "Ignorant little boy, seeking your own death!"

                "Today, I will send you to your death!"

                As he spoke, a thick cloud of smoke suddenly emerged from Grandmaster Sanzhuo's body.

                Amidst the thick smoke, there was a huge lizard that suddenly leapt out and jumped straight at Lin Mo.

                Seeing that the lizard was about to rush in front of Lin Mo, it suddenly opened its mouth and spewed out a mouthful of green liquid, heading straight for Lin Mo.

                Fang Wude's face was agitated, he had seen with his own eyes that the liquid this lizard spewed out dissolved a man alive.

                If Lin Mo were to be sprayed by this venom, he would definitely die!

                Just then, Lin Mo also moved.

                He casually grabbed the table next to him and blocked all that liquid out.

                At the same time, as soon as he shot out his hand, he directly grabbed the lizard in his hand, and with a casual squeeze, he crushed the lizard to death.

                Everyone was stunned, this lizard was full of poison, and Lin Mo was not afraid of it?

                Master Sanzhuo's brow furrowed as he said in a deep voice, "Young man, you really have some skills, no wonder you dare to be so conceited!"

                "Hmph, since you are determined to seek death, then I will make you whole."

                After Master Sanzhuo finished speaking, he reached out and grabbed a small black snake from inside his clothes.

                He shoved this snake into his mouth and chewed this snake to pieces hard.

                Then, he spat out the blood and flesh, took out another porcelain vase from his body and sprinkled some powder on it.

                It didn't take long for a tremor to go through Master Sandro's body.

                Immediately afterwards, three tiny rats jumped off him and began to devour the flesh and blood of the small snake on the ground.

                These three rats, all the size of a ping-pong ball, looked very insignificant.

                However, as they ate the snake's flesh and blood, their bodies slowly began to swell up.

                In the end, all three rats swelled up like basketballs, as if they were inflated and might explode at any moment.

                Lin Mo frowned slightly as he suddenly turned around and ran to the window.

                "Don't let him get away!"

                Fang Wu De shouted.

                A few men ran over and tried to stop them, but they were instantly knocked to the ground by Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo didn't run either, he ripped all those curtains down and put them on Xu Hanxia and Xu Jiankong Fang Hui respectively.

                Master Sanzhuo sneered, "What, you want to save them?"

                "Hmph, you'd better think about how to save your own life first!"

                "All three of my spirit parasites now have you as their target."

                "Even if you flee to the ends of the earth, they'll still be able to find you just the same!"

                Lin Mo smiled lightly, "A mere spirit compulsion, it's nothing to worry about."

                "I just don't want to hurt innocent people!"

                Master Sanzhuo's face turned cold: "What an arrogant brat!"

                "Since you are determined to die, then I will let you go!"

                With those words, Master Sangzhuo waved his hand, and one of the rats immediately ran towards Lin Mo.

                Fang Wu De's eyes shone brightly: "Master Sang Zhuo, this spirit compulsion, is it very powerful?"

                Master Sangjo sneered, "Average in power, but strong in toxicity!"

                "It will rush to the target and explode, and the blood and flesh that crumbles out will be so poisonous that it will kill you if you touch it."

                "Right, tell your people to move out of the way, otherwise, if they get the slightest bit of flesh and blood, they will definitely die!"

                Fang Wu De hastily waved his hand, and no one from the Fang family needed him to say anything, they all dodged far away, looking at those three rats as if they were looking at the gods of plague.

                Fang Lao San: "No wonder Lin Mo had to cover them with curtains, so it was to prevent them from getting this blood and flesh."

                "It's just that, what if Lin Mo covers himself with curtains?"

                Master Sanzhuo laughed coldly, "It's useless!"

                "The spirit parasite targets him, and will only burst if it touches him."

                "Even if he covers himself with the curtain, the spirit parasite will still tear through the curtain to get in."