Medical Genius Chapter 887

 Lin Mo glanced at Xu Hanxia and said softly, "Master Fang, do you really think she's under the spell?"

                Fang Wu De's face changed and he immediately looked at Master Sang Zhuo inside.

                Sangjo snorted coldly, "You won't shed a tear until you see the coffin!"

                He pulled out a bell and shook it vigorously, and an ear-piercing ringing sound came out.

                Fang Wude looked straight at Xu Hanxia.

                This bell was the bell that awakened the parasite.

                When the bell rang, as soon as the compulsion was hit, the compulsion would kick in and the person would be in agony.

                However, strangely enough, Xu Hanxia did not react at all, as if she was really asleep.

                "What's going on?"

                Fang Wu De exclaimed.

                Sang Zhuo was also frozen as he waved the bell again, but the result was still the same.

                Lin Mo stood up, "There's no need to waste energy."

                "We, aren't even hit by the compulsion!"

                Fang Wude's eyes widened, "How ...... is that possible?"

                "Could it be, that bitch surnamed Wu is lying to us?"

                Lin Mo shook his head, "She didn't cheat you."

                "It's just that, her dish, was changed by me!"

                Fang Wu De was confused, "You ...... you changed the dishes?"

                "What's going on, how did you ...... you know there were compulsions in the dish?"

                Lin Mo laughed lightly, "Fang Wu De, you also know that I am highly skilled in medicine, it's not easy to put a compulsion on me."

                "So, if you want to deal with me, you must choose a compulsion that even I cannot detect."

                "There are thousands of Miaojiang parasites, and the only one that can prevent people from detecting traces of it is the Seven-Tailed Compulsion."

                "The conditions for casting the Seven-Tailed Compulsion are very harsh, the temperature must be room temperature. Of the dishes on the table today, only that vegetable salad is room temperature."

                "Moreover, Wu Fei Fei has never been in the kitchen before, so today she suddenly made a plate of vegetable salad, do you think I won't suspect her?"

                "When she asked me to taste it, I made an excuse and went to the kitchen to change a new plate of vegetable salad out."

                "Her plate of vegetable salad with the Seven Tails compulsion on it had already been poured out by me!"

                Fang Wude's face turned ugly to the extreme as he looked at Lin Mo with wide eyes and said in a deep voice, "Lin Mo, you really are not simple!"

                "It seems that I really did underestimate you!"

                For his part, Fang Laosan was resigned, "Lin Mo, then how did you know that we were going to deal with you?"

                Lin Mo: "Good question!"

                "Fang Laosan, do you really think I don't know what you guys have done?"

                "When I left last night, I was deliberately hinting at you to get you into trouble with Fei Fei Wu."

                "You arrested Fei Fei Wu, and the next day, she went back unharmed."

                "Do you think I would suspect her?"

                Fang Laosan said anxiously, "Then ...... how do you know that we are going to use the compulsions against you?"

                Lin Mo laughed lightly, "What's so strange about that, since you were able to put a compulsion inside the lake in the villa area, then there must be people from Miaojiang around."

                "I have Nanba Tian backing me up, you guys can't possibly snatch my stuff out in the open."

                "So, the best way is to use the compulsion to control me and threaten me."

                "You guys let Fei Fei Wu back, if not to get her under the compulsion, what else could it be for?"

                Fang Laosan froze, his eyes wide as he said in a trembling voice, "So, you've suspected us since the time of that project in the villa area?"

                "That ...... is impossible, those are wild compulsions, how could you ...... you have guessed on us?"

                Lin Mo: "It is true that I originally did not guess."

                "However, it wasn't until I recently met several Miaojiang people one after another in Guangyang City that I realized something was wrong."

                At this moment, Lin Mo looked at Sang Zhuo: "It is said that the seventy-two Dong Lords of Miaojiang have all entered Guangyang City in search of a person."

                "You, wouldn't be looking for this person as well, would you?"

                Master Sanzhuo's face was cold: "You know a lot!"

                "But do you know that sometimes, the more you know, the shorter your life becomes!"