Medical Genius Chapter 886

 In the hall.

                Fang Wu De had a smile on his face as he sat with Lin Mo, pulling on family matters as if they were old friends.

                Xu Jiangong and Fang Hui hadn't been here long before they were lying on the sofa in a coma.

                Seeing this, Fang Wude's smile was even wider, this was the result of being hit by the Seven Tails compulsion, ah.

                On the contrary, Lin Mo did not fall asleep, which made him quite a bit surprised.

                When he thought about it, Lin Mo was not weak, so he should have suppressed the Seven-Tailed Compulsion with his internal strength.

                But what could that do?

                He could suppress his own Seven-Tailed Compulsion, but he couldn't suppress Xu Hanxia's Seven-Tailed Compulsion, wouldn't he still have to behave himself?

                When he saw Fang Laosan bring that master over, Fang Wude smiled even wider.

                He stood up and smiled, "Mr. Lin, let me introduce to you."

                "This one is called Sang Zhuo, a master of the Miaojiang compulsion tribe."

                "You are a divine doctor, you should know that the Miaojiang compulsion tribe, the technique of placing compulsions is first class."

                "Oh yes, the vegetable salad you are eating tonight has his hand-cultivated compulsions in it, how does it taste?"

                Lin Mo's expression was calm as he said softly, "Master Fang, you and I have no grudges or enemies, why are you doing this to me?"

                Fang Wude smiled, "We originally had no grudges and no enmity."

                "But you interfered in my family's affairs, so that's a grudge!"

                "That villa area you bought has half of my Fang family's capital."

                "Do you think I could not take back this villa area?"

                "I had everything planned out, but who knew that you would step in and take the villa area project away from me."

                "Mr. Lin, isn't it a bit inappropriate for you to take away someone's interest like this?"

                Lin Mo gave him a look, "So, the compulsion in the lake in the villa area was laid by you?"

                Fang Wude laughed, "Mr. Lin is indeed a wise man."

                "That's right, that compulsion was, indeed, laid by me."

                "We originally planned to get everyone to give up on that project and then take it back."

                "But, you relied on your medical skills to take away the project."

                "Mr. Lin, it's not quite right for you to do that!"

                Lin Mo: "So, from the very beginning, you've been plotting against us."

                "The matter of Fang Rong is just an excuse, right?"

                Fang Wu De laughed out loud, "Mr. Lin is really smart and wise, one can admire that."

                "You are absolutely right, with or without Fang Rong's matter, I will go to you."

                "It's just that the matter of Fang Rong has given me an additional helper, making this matter easier."

                "Speaking of which, this cousin of yours, she's really stupid."

                "I said a few words and she went and helped me with the compulsion."

                "I don't even know what I would have done without her!"

                "So, I stayed with her last night too, as a kind of repayment."

                "I am a person who always does things fairly, Mr. Lin, what do you think?"

                Lin Mo laughed lightly, "Fair indeed!"

                Fang Wu De laughed loudly, "Indeed, heroes see eye to eye!"

                "Mr. Lin, then why don't we cut the small talk."

                "You return the villa area project to me, and also, Xu Pharmaceutical, give me another 70% of the shares."

                "How about we forget about today's incident, even if it never happened?"

                Lin Mo looked at Fang Wu De slowly, "Can you eat it if you want so much?"

                Fang Wude smiled, "Mr. Lin, I don't need you to worry about my affairs."

                "Since I dare to ask for so much, then I can definitely eat it."

                Lin Mo laughed lightly, "It seems that you really have your mind made up!"

                "Just that, have you ever thought about what if I don't say yes to you?"

                Fang Wude froze for a moment, then laughed loudly, "Mr. Lin, I'm afraid that's not up to you!"

                "If you don't say yes to me, this most beloved wife of yours will die in front of you."

                "Are you willing to give up?"