Medical Genius Chapter 881

 The man shook his head, "Even though he said that, this Seven-Tailed Compulsion, is not very powerful."

                "When the seven types of parasites are put together, the toxicity will naturally be mutually exclusive, ultimately resulting in the Seven-Tailed Compulsion not being very toxic."

                "The Seven-Tailed Compulsion, it can't even take a person's life, it just makes it difficult."

                "Moreover, the seven-tailed compulsion is not easy to preserve, the conditions for placing the compulsion are harsh, and there are extremely high requirements for time and temperature, so it is actually a chicken rib many times."

                "For some strong people, they are even able to strangle the Seven-Tailed Compulsion with their internal power."

                "It's simply useless if you want to deal with the truly strong!"

                Fang Wu De nodded slowly.

                The man picked up another piece of bloodied meat and said in a cold voice, "You don't have to worry, since you are working for me, I will definitely help you."

                "I still say the same thing, you help me find that person, and I will help you control the Ten Families."

                "Right, how is that person's search going?"

                A brilliant aura flashed in Fang Wude's eyes, "The person you mentioned, I've already found."

                "She entered Guangyang City seventeen years ago, and had a little girl with her."

                "However, ten years ago, she died of a serious illness."

                "That little girl, originally, was taken into the shelter."

                "But it was said that she was covered in abscesses and was disgusted, and later slipped out of the shelter and is still missing!"

                The man turned his head to look at Fang Wu De: "It doesn't matter if that woman lives or dies, what I need to know, is the whereabouts of this girl!"

                "Remember, this girl, alive and dead!"

                "No matter what, I have to see her!"

                Fang Wu De nodded vigorously, "Don't worry, I will help you find her!"

                Exiting the secret room, Fang Wude's face became smiling again.

                Passing through the corridor, Fang Wude entered a huge room.

                This room was filled with a putrid stench, and inside, there were still three people hanging, none other than Huang Wu and three others.

                These three men were now not breathing and their hands were tied with ropes, hanging in mid-air.

                Fang Laosan was sitting on a chair, and when he saw Fang Wude come out, he immediately greeted him: "Big brother, what did the master say?"

                Fang Wude laughed, "No more problems."

                "Tonight, when they have eaten, we can make our move."

                Fang Laosan's eyes lit up, "Big brother, you're still well thought out."

                "Last night, we took the opportunity to take down that chick surnamed Wu and let her put the compulsion on you."

                "Otherwise, I'm afraid we wouldn't have been able to put the compulsion on them silently!"

                "However, that Fei Fei Wu is too ugly, so you've worked hard, big brother!"

                Fang Wude waved his hand, "For the sake of the family, any hard work is worth it."

                "By the way, save a place for her here."

                "Remember to bury her with these three when you're done for the night."

                "Having caused my son to break a few fingers and lose his position as heir, they have to pay a price!"

                Fang Laosan nodded his head repeatedly, "No problem."

                "Hahahaha, this bitch, she's probably still dreaming of grandeur now, right?"

                "When she comes over tonight, we'll have a good show!"


                The Centurion Mansion.

                At seven o'clock in the evening, Lin Mo and Xu Hanxia returned home, and dinner was already prepared.

                Wu Fei Fei was sitting at the table with Fang Hui, and the two of them were laughing and joking.

                Xu Jiangong was sitting next to him with an indignant face, obviously upset about Wu Fei Fei coming over to visit.

                Seeing Lin Mo and Xu Hanxia, Wu Fei Fei immediately got up, "Sister, brother-in-law, you're back!"

                Fang Hui also hurriedly said, "Aiyo, Halfsia, you guys are finally back."

                "Thanks to Fei Fei for helping me out tonight, otherwise, I wouldn't know how long I'd be busy with this huge table of dishes by myself."

                "Come, come, go wash your hands, change your clothes and come to dinner!"

                Xu Hanxia was surprised: "Mom, did Fifi help you with the cooking?"