Medical Genius Chapter 880

 Fang Wu De hurriedly waved his hand, "Fei Fei, how can you talk like that?"

                "I do trust you absolutely!"

                "But that's your cousin and cousin's husband after all."

                "I can't let you fall out with them for my sake!"

                Wu Fei Fei laughed coldly at once, "Husband, do you think they treat me as a relative?"

                "Me and them, we've long since severed our enmity."

                "Whatever the matter is, just tell me, I am definitely on your side!"

                Fang Wude was moved and held Wu Fei Fei's hand, "Fei Fei, you are so kind to me."

                "With you in this life, there will be no more regrets!"

                Wu Fei Fei laughed lightly and flung herself into Fang Wu De's arms. The two of them lingered for a while longer before Fang Wu De revealed his solution.

                In the evening, Wu Fei Fei left Fang's house and rushed to the Sheng Shi Gong House.

                Fang Hui was alone at home and was busy cooking.

                Seeing Wu Fei Fei coming over, Fang Hui couldn't help but be happy: "Fei Fei, you're here."

                "Haven't eaten, right, let's eat together tonight?"

                Wu Fei Fei changed her usual laziness and ran straight into the kitchen, "Sure."

                "Second Aunt, let me help you."

                Fang Hui was pleasantly surprised.

                It was important to know that Wu Fei Fei had not entered the kitchen, let alone done anything, since she had returned.

                On weekdays when Wu Fei Fei came here, she was either lying on the sofa playing with her phone or taking a dip in the swimming pool.

                Today, she had actually come to help her cook, which was something unprecedented.

                Could it be that this child had finally grown up?

                Fang Hui looked relieved and waved her hand, "Aiya, you must be tired after a busy day."

                "This little thing, I can do it myself."

                Wu Fei Fei did not agree at all and insisted on staying in the kitchen to help.

                Fang Hui couldn't resist her, so she had to let her help cut the vegetables.

                After Wu Fei Fei worked for a while, when Fang Hui wasn't looking, she quietly took out a porcelain vase from her body and poured some powder from the vase into the dish.

                Then, she took a chopstick and stirred it a few times, and the powder disappeared.

                Fang Hui didn't even notice Wu Fei Fei's actions and was still busy cleaning up dinner.

                At the same time, in the Fang family compound, inside a dark, secret room, there was a short, messy-haired man sitting.

                In front of the man were several plates with some bloodied meat inside, which he was wolfing down with.

                Suddenly, the door to the room opened and Fang Wu De walked in with a smile.

                "Master, what you ordered me to do, I have already done."

                "That bottle of medicine, I have given it to a steady person to take care of."

                "Only, that Lin Mo is highly skilled in medicine, are you sure, he won't find these medicines?"

                The man did not stop, but finished a piece of meat completely before he raised his head.

                "I'll tell you again, this is a compulsion, not a medicine!"

                "The Seven Tails compulsion is the most insidious of all the compulsions."

                "Even for me, if someone else were to give me this kind of compulsion, I wouldn't be able to discover it, let alone an outsider!"

                Fang Wude: "So, Lin Mo can't discover this kind of compulsion either?"

                The man was proud: "That's for sure!"

                Fang Wude pondered for a moment, "But Lin Mo is so skilled in medicine that he can even cure the parasite."

                "This seven-tailed compulsion ......"

                The man directly waved his hand: "Seven-tailed compulsion, he can't cure it!"

                "The so-called seven-tailed compulsion is a kind of compulsion born from the fusion of seven kinds of compulsions together."

                "There are thousands of Miaojiang parasites, picking seven parasites at random will fuse to create a seven-tailed parasite."

                "And with different parasites chosen, the method of treatment is different."

                "Therefore, there are also countless kinds of seven-tailed compulsions."

                "Unless the person who placed the compulsion, it is impossible for anyone else to know the treatment method of the Seven-Tailed Compulsion."

                Fang Wu De was overjoyed, "Then this Seven-Tailed Compulsion, isn't it very powerful?"

                "If you use this Seven-Tailed Compulsion and bewitch Nanba Tian with it ......"