Medical Genius Chapter 878

 Fang Laosan looked at Fang Wu De blankly, "Big brother, what else is this ...... conversation about?"

                "This bitch has done that to Xiao Rong, if this revenge is not taken, what face can our Fang family have?"

                Fang Wude waved his hand, "Aiya, you're too impulsive."

                "Come, little girl, don't be afraid, come and sit here with uncle."

                Fang Wude smiled harmlessly, as if he was a kind elder.

                Wu Fei Fei immediately ran to Fang Wu De's side and whispered, "Mr. Fang, I ...... know I'm wrong."

                "But, I'm not targeting Fang Shao, I mainly wanted to deal with Lin Mo and Xu Hanxia."

                "I didn't know it would be like this, you are magnanimous, spare ...... me once ......"

                Fang Wu De said smilingly, "Aiya, silly boy, what's the point of saying these words?"

                "Come, come, come, sit here."

                "Tell uncle, what's going on?"

                "Why do you hate your cousin and brother-in-law so much?"

                "Did they bully you?"

                Immediately, Wu Fei Fei told what had happened before, adding more fuel to the fire.

                In her mouth, her mother had saved the lives of everyone in the Xu family at first.

                But the people of the Xu family were so kind and ungrateful that they made things difficult for them.

                Wu Fei Fei could not bear to see this, so she wanted to teach the Xu family a lesson, which led to this incident.

                After listening to this, Fang Wude had an emotional look on his face, "Aiya, things in this world are unpredictable, people's hearts are dangerous."

                "That's how society is, good intentions may not always be rewarded."

                As if she had found a soulmate, Wu Fei Fei nodded her head vigorously, and the look in Fang Wu De's eyes became reverent.

                In her eyes, this was the person who really understood her, and she could not help but feel good about him.

                The two chatted for a while longer before Fang Wu De suddenly laughed, "Aiya, it's getting late."

                "Miss Wu, my family is too reckless and has given you a fright."

                "How about this, you few, rest here for the night first."

                "Tomorrow, I will send you all back again, how about that?"

                Fei Fei Wu immediately nodded, "Thanks a lot, Mr. Fang."

                As for Huang Wu's few people, they didn't dare to disagree.

                Fang Wu De got up and smiled, "By the way, Fei Fei, that place you lived in abroad, I lived there for a while too."

                Wu Fei Fei's eyes lit up, "Really?"

                "Mr. Fang, do you like that place too?"

                Fang Wude smiled, "Of course."

                "Aiya, that's one of my fondest memories ......"

                The two chatted as they entered the house.

                As they walked across the threshold, Fang Wude waved his hand as if he hadn't thought about it.

                Fang Laosan caught a glimpse of this and a cold aura flashed in his eyes.

                A cold smile wiped across the corner of his mouth as he waved his hand, "Come, invite Mr Huang and the others to the guest room to rest!"

                On the other side, Wu Fei Fei chatted with Fang Wu De all the way and involuntarily walked into the main building.

                A few underlings had long since retired, and the two sat in the room, chatting as if they hated each other.

                It didn't take long for the two to talk about bed.

                Outside the room, Fang Laosan listened to the sounds inside and sighed helplessly, "Big brother is really something, he can get off on any kind of goods!"

                At this moment, in a dungeon inside, Huang Wu was locked up in several iron cages.

                The men looked terrified, and one of them said urgently, "Didn't Third Master tell us to go to the guest room?"

                "You guys ...... what are you doing?"

                A few people outside laughed, "You are really a bunch of fools!"

                "Do you really think Third Master is telling you to go to the guest room?"

                "Third Master is sending you all to your death!"

                Several of Huang Wu's faces paled, "What are you ...... doing?"

                "Just now, your family master said that we are not to blame for this matter and said that he would let us go."

                "If you guys do this, aren't you afraid that the family head will blame you?"