Medical Genius Chapter 876

 Wu Fei Fei still wanted to use Lin Mo Xu Hanxia's name to bluff people.

                As a result, a word from this man from the Fang family made her cut off all thoughts.

                In the end, these few people were all taken to the car and sent to the Fang family.

                In the Fang family compound, Fang Rong and those few rich youngsters were now kneeling on the ground.

                Next to them stood a few middle-aged men, who were the parents of these rich youngsters.

                In the middle, on the main seat, sat a fat man, the current Fang family head, Fang Wude!

                With such a big event happening, Fang Wude was still smiling, as if he was a Maitreya Buddha.

                Fang Laosan was standing next to him, and when he saw the few people from Fei Fei Wu, he immediately said, "Big brother, it's them."

                "I checked the surveillance and also asked the manager there."

                "This woman, she's been watching Xu Hanxia and the girls."

                "When Rong'er and the others arrived, she deliberately brought Rong'er and the others to Xu Hanxia's private room."

                Wu Fei Fei's face suddenly changed, she knew that what she had done had not been able to hide from these people in the end.

                Fang Wu De laughed, "Little girl, quite resourceful!"

                "Trying to lend my Fang family's hand to deal with Lin Mo?"

                Wu Fei Fei hurriedly said, "I didn't, I ...... just wanted to meet some friends and accidentally walked into the wrong room ......"

                "You guys ...... you don't accuse me falsely ......"

                "Xu Hanxia is my cousin and Lin Mo is my cousin's husband, how could I do this to them?"

                Fang Wude turned his head to look at Fang Laosan: "Aiya, Laosan, you must not wrong good people!"

                Fang Laosan became anxious, "Big brother, I haven't wronged her, it's true!"

                "I've checked, this woman is, indeed, Xu Hanxia's cousin."

                "But, she doesn't have a good relationship with Xu Hanxia, and she had a verbal argument with Xu Hanxia many times before over some matters."

                "Moreover, her brother, last time, almost caused the Xu family to fall out with the He family."

                "So, I have enough reason to suspect that she did this on purpose for her brother's revenge!"

                Fang Wu De grinned, "Is that so?"

                "Aiyo, little girl, that's your cousin, how can you do that?"

                "That's too cruel!"

                Wu Fei Fei was filled with a look of being wrongly accused, "I really didn't do that!"

                "Look, I ...... I'm just a little girl, how could I have done such a thing?"

                Fang Laosan said angrily, "Then why did you suddenly call Rong'er and the others over tonight?"

                "You've been back for so long, you didn't call them early, you didn't call them late, you called them tonight, and you made such a big mess tonight?"

                "You give me an explanation!"

                Wu Fei Fei: "I ...... how did I know it would be like this ah, I really didn't mean to ......"

                Fang Laosan was still about to speak when Fang Wude suddenly waved his hand, "Aiya, Lao San, don't blow your beard like that, what if you scare the little girl!"

                "Let's put it this way, Rong'er and the others were called over by Huang Wu's men."

                "Why don't you just ask Huang Wu and the others?"

                Huang Wu immediately said, "Mr. Fang, I ...... we were wronged ah, we really didn't think there would be such a thing ah ......"

                Fang Wude: "Aiya, you guys are also wronged?"

                "Then according to you guys, my son, he deserved it tonight?"

                Huang Wu several people's faces suddenly changed, lowered their heads and did not dare to speak.

                Fang Wude thought for a moment, "Oh, forget it, it's not a big deal, what's the big deal?"

                "It was Huang Wu who called them, so let them take some of the blame for this."

                "Lao San, drag them to the backyard and chop off an arm and a leg for each of them."

                "Let's just forget about this tonight!"

                "I'm sleepy, I have to sleep ......"

                When Fang Wu De said these words, his face was still smiling and he could not see the slightest bit of ferocity.

                However, these words caused the crowd to shiver involuntarily.

                This is really a smiling tiger!