Medical Genius Chapter 875

 The crowd behind them followed suit, yelling for a toast.

                Zhou Cai'er was almost devastated.

                There were so many people, how could she drink!

                "Hanxia ......"

                Zhou Cai'er cried out in a trembling voice.

                At this moment, Lin Mo, however, directly pulled Xu Hanxia out of the room.

                "Tiger, all of them are Hanxia's classmates, you have to treat them well!"

                Lin Mo instructed, and directly closed the door to the room.

                Zhou Cai'er hurriedly got up and tried to chase her out, but was directly stopped back by a few men.

                "This young lady, we haven't even had a drink yet, how can you leave?"

                "What, I'm personally toasting you, not giving face, huh?"

                "If you don't give face, you won't be able to walk out today ......"

                The house was in chaos as the crowd bickered.

                Outside, Xu Hanxia's face was worried: "Lin Mo, will ...... something happen?"

                "Those are my classmates, they did wrong but ...... but it's not too big a mess ......"

                Lin Mo smiled, "Don't worry, the tiger has its own way."

                "At most, they will be puked up and go to the hospital to have some water infused and they will be fine."

                "This incident tonight, we have to teach them a lesson!"

                Xu Hanxia nodded slowly, she was also very dissatisfied with these classmates, now.

                "Right, this incident tonight, I suspect that it was made by Fei Fei Wu on purpose!"

                Xu Hanxia told the story of what had just happened.

                Lin Mo smiled, "There's no need to suspect, she must have made a mess of it."

                "But, this matter, you don't need to worry about it, the Fang family's people will sort it out!"

                In the bar booth, Zhou Cai'er and the others were surrounded in the middle, unable to run at all, and could only drink one glass after another.

                Wu Fei Fei, on the other hand, took advantage of the chaos and quietly slipped out of the booth.

                As they walked out of the bar, several people breathed a sigh of relief.

                Huang Wu whispered, "Fei Fei, who the hell is this ...... Lin Mo?"

                "People from the Fang family have to be respectful in front of him."

                "In a word, the Fang family heirs have all changed."

                "The South Street Tiger Master, it's as if he's under him."

                "Or, let's forget about what happened before, we are lucky to escape tonight."

                "This person, we really can't afford to mess with ah ......"

                Several other people also nodded their heads, they were really scared to the core.

                Previously, they thought that Lin Mo was just a son-in-law at home, so, they didn't put Lin Mo in their eyes.

                Through tonight's incident, they realised that Lin Mo, was simply not something they could mess with.

                Wu Fei Fei's face was ironic, she was also shocked by what had just happened.

                After a long silence, Wu Fei Fei slowly nodded, "Alright, it's lucky that this incident tonight didn't involve us."

                "Let's go first, let's wait for a while."

                Huang Wu nodded his head and was just about to disperse.

                Suddenly, several groups of people came over from all directions and surrounded them in the middle.

                The leader of the group glanced at them and directly said in a cold voice, "My family's Third Master invites you to go away!"

                Wu Fei Fei and the others were trembling with fear, among these people, there were a few, who were the very people who had followed Fang Laosan into the house before.

                In other words, these people were all members of the Fang family.

                Fei Fei Wu forced herself to calm down: "I ...... we don't know your family's third master, are you looking for the wrong person?"

                The man at the head of the group said in a cold voice: "There is no mistake."

                "Tonight, you are the ones who arranged for Young Master Rong to have a drink."

                "The Third Master has some things he wants to ask you guys."

                Several people's faces changed, they knew that what they had done, they feared, had been exposed.

                Wu Fei Fei said in a trembling voice, "I ...... I won't go."

                "Xu Hanxia is my cousin, my cousin just shouted at me to go home and help her with her clothes, my cousin's husband Lin Mo is still waiting for me, I ...... I don't have time ......"

                The man at the head of the group sneered, "Excuse me."

                "We have just received news that Mr. Lin Mo said that he is not familiar with you!"