Medical Genius Chapter 873

 Lin Mo smiled coldly, "You are right, I indeed cannot wipe out your Fang family."

                "But what if we were to give the Fang family a new family head?"

                Fang Laosan's expression instantly froze.

                Just as Lin Mo had said, if instead of exterminating the Fang family, he gave the Fang family a new family head, then the other nine great clans, might not be involved in this matter.

                After a long time of silence, Fang Laosan gritted his teeth and said, "Mr. Lin, this time, I ...... our Fang family admits to the matter."

                "How do you want to handle it, tell us, my Fang family will definitely not frown."

                "But, Rong'er is the heir of the Fang family, he ...... he really can't kneel down. ......"

                This time, Fang Laosan was truly compromised.

                However, Lin Mo shook his head, "No, he must kneel!"

                Fang Laosan's face was pale, this had become a dead end ah.

                Lin Mo laughed lightly, "You don't have to worry about it either!"

                "I'm asking for no change here, won't your Fang family be flexible?"

                "Big deal, the Fang family will change the heir, won't that be fine?"

                Fang Laosan froze for a moment, what kind of idea was this?

                However, he soon came back to his senses.

                This idea, it was fine.

                Looking at this situation, Fang Rong had offended someone badly tonight, and Lin Mo was bound to clean him up.

                Under such circumstances, the Fang family would definitely not be able to protect Fang Rong, so they would have to change the heir.

                The head of the family had three sons, and if Fang Rong could not be the heir, then there were still two sons, so what was so difficult about that?

                Thinking of this, he immediately said, "Mr. Lin, this ...... is a very important matter, I have to discuss it with the family head."

                Lin Mo waved his hand: "Feel free!"

                Fang Rong then panicked, this was really going to deprive him of his position as the heir, huh?

                "Third Uncle, Third Uncle ......"

                Fang Rong hurriedly shouted.

                Unfortunately, Fang Laosan didn't even look at him and directly turned around and went out to make a phone call.

                Fang Rong wanted to follow him out, but he was directly stopped.

                His face was pale and shivering, full of despair and remorse.

                He knew that he was finished, the position of heir was gone, and when he returned, he would not escape punishment.

                This time, he had really caused a great disaster!

                If he had known this, he would never have provoked Xu Hanxia no matter what.

                Not long afterwards, Fang Laosan walked back.

                He glanced at Fang Rong and said in a cold voice, "Rong'er, your father has decided to make your brother the new heir to the Fang family!"

                "Now, go and kowtow to Mr. Lin and apologise!"

                Fang Rong's body shivered and he directly sat down on the ground.

                He had only been the heir for less than a month, and it was over?

                "Third uncle, how ...... can this happen?"

                "I am the eldest son, ah, my brother, how can I compare with me?"

                "The heir, how ...... how can you just change it?"

                Fang Rong said in a trembling voice.

                Fang Laosan: "What happened to the eldest son?"

                "The heir of the family, the most crucial thing is that he has to be wise and wise, able to bring the family to glory!"

                "A person like you, bullying others with your power and foppish arrogance, what qualifications do you have to be in charge of a family?"

                "It's for the sake of the family's future that you're not allowed to be the family's heir!"

                "Also, don't stand still, hurry up and go kowtow to Mr. Lin and apologize."

                Fang Rong cried straight away, "Third Uncle, I ...... know I'm wrong."

                "Please beg my father, let him give me another chance, I ...... will definitely do my best to work for the family in the future ......"

                Fang Laosan looked impatient and waved his hand, "What are you standing there for?"

                "Drag him over there and kowtow to Mr. Lin and apologize!"

                "Remember, if he doesn't kneel, break both of his legs and hold him down on the ground!"

                Several members of the Fang family immediately rushed up in an aggressive manner and dragged Fang Rong to Lin Mo.

                No matter how much Fang Rong begged, no one paid any attention.

                He still wanted to maintain the dignity of an heir, but he was kicked in the leg and knelt directly in front of Lin Mo.