Medical Genius Chapter 871

 The door to the room was roughly pushed open and seven or eight men rushed in.

                The leader was a middle-aged man, and as soon as he entered, he saw Lin Mo holding Fang Rong down on the table.

                His face changed and he roared, "Stop!"

                Lin Mo ignored him and continued to pick up the piece of glass.

                Fang Rong became anxious: "My Fang family is here, what are you doing?"

                "Third uncle, third uncle, save me ......"

                The middle-aged man was furious and rushed forward, kicking at Lin Mo: "I told you to stop, didn't you hear me?"

                Lin Mo turned around violently and made a sprint forward, directly in front of the middle-aged man.

                Without waiting for the middle-aged man to react, Lin Mo's shoulder slammed heavily into his chest.

                The middle-aged man's kick failed to hit Lin Mo, instead he was knocked directly away by Lin Mo and smashed heavily against the door behind him.

                The door of this private room was all cracked in one go.

                And as if he hadn't done anything, Lin Mo turned around and went back, once again chopping off Fang Rong's middle finger as well.

                Only after that did he turn around and look at those few people, "You are three seconds late, this finger, I still have to take it off!"

                The middle-aged man was helped up, vomiting blood continuously from his mouth, unable to stand up at all.

                He barely drew a few breaths and gritted his teeth, "You ...... have a lot of nerve ......"

                "Do you know that my Fang family ......"

                Lin Mo directly interrupted him, "Don't talk such nonsense to me!"

                "I'm just asking you, how do you plan to settle this matter tonight!"

                The middle-aged man froze for a moment and said angrily, "How to settle it?"

                "You're still asking me?"

                "Rong'er is the heir to my Fang family's current generation, how dare you beat up the heir to my Fang family, that's going against my entire Fang family!"

                Lin Mo nodded, "In that case, then there is no room for negotiation!"

                The middle-aged man roared, "Nonsense, today, either we go out sideways, or, you go out sideways!"

                Lin Mo sneered, "Good!"

                "Since we've said that, then I don't need to talk to you guys anymore."

                With those words, Lin Mo took out his mobile phone, "Do it!"

                The middle-aged man froze for a moment, "Who are you ...... talking to?"

                As soon as the words left his mouth, there was a sudden cacophony of voices from outside.

                Immediately after that, the door of the room was suddenly kicked open and a group of people ran in aggressively.

                The leader of the group was none other than Tiger.

                With an arrogant face, he said loudly, "Brother Lin, the Fang family has come with more than seventy people, what do you think, should we get them all killed, or should we get the one leading them killed?"

                The middle-aged man's eyes widened, "You ...... are the South Street Tiger?"

                "Why are you here?"

                The tiger glanced at him, "Fang Laosan, ah, long time no see!"

                "Oh, what, you don't know who he is?"

                "I'm telling you, this, is my boss, Mr. Lin Mo Lin!"

                "Have you heard of Mr. Lin?"

                "The Zhou family, the Huo family, and the Wang family before that, all fell at the hands of Mr. Lin."

                "You wouldn't be unaware of that, would you?"

                Fang Laosan's face changed instantly, he looked at Lin Mo in a dazed manner and said in a trembling voice, "You ...... are Lin Mo!?"

                Lin Mo sat on the sofa and said softly, "What, you only know now?"

                "Your nephew didn't even mention my name when he called you?"

                Fang Laosan's face was pale and he was trembling with fear.

                Other people in Guangyang City didn't know Lin Mo's name, but the top brass of the ten families were all well aware of it.

                The matter of the Zhou family, the matter of the Wang family, and the previous matter of the Huo family, the ten great families were the ones who knew the inside story the best.

                Although all these matters, there were traces of Nanba Tian behind them.

                However, Lin Mo also played a vital role in it!

                Therefore, the Ten Families now had a tacit agreement to try not to mess with Lin Mo.

                This man was really not something they could afford to mess with.