Medical Genius Chapter 869

 Several female students were talking, while expressing their contempt for Lin Mo to win Fang Shao's favour.

                Fang Shao looked at Lin Mo with a smug face and a cold smile at the corners of his mouth.

                Xu Hanxia couldn't help it: "Cai'er, what are you guys talking about?"

                "What do you mean I'm having a normal drink with him, I ...... I've said I can't drink, he's the one who insisted on filling me up ......"

                Zhou Caier waved her hand, "Come on, Hanxia, we are old classmates, I know your situation."

                "You're still a bit of a drinker, how could you not be able to drink?"

                "I understand, it must be this barbarian, scaring you at home all day long, telling you not to drink outside, so you don't dare to drink, right?"

                "Hey, Hanxia, it's not me who's talking about you."

                "What era is this now, women can hold up half the sky, why should you be afraid of such rubbish?"

                "He dares to beat you up or something?"

                "Let me tell you, a lot of our old classmates are now working in law enforcement."

                "If he dares to flick a finger at you, we can convict him of domestic violence, sentence him to a few months, and then divorce him after!"

                "This kind of trash, you won't be happy living with him!"

                Several other women also nodded their heads.

                Xu Hanxia finally got annoyed, "Enough!"

                "Zhou Cai'er, shut up!"

                "You don't know anything and you're just speculating wildly here, people like you are the ones who are really rubbish!"

                Zhou Cai'er froze for a moment and said sharply, "Hanxia, what do you ...... you mean?"

                "I'm speaking for you, I'm doing this for your own good, and you ...... are treating me like this?"

                Several other girls were also righteously indignant, "Halfsia ah, we are all classmates, we can't harm you?"

                "Cai'er is straightforward, but she's really nice, we all know that."

                "It's too chilling for you to talk like that!"

                Xu Hanxia turned blue and said indignantly, "What's for my own good?"

                "You don't know anything, and you dare to say it's for my good?"

                "According to you, just now I should have drunk with the surnamed Fang, followed him to the room upstairs and let him insult me at will?"

                Several female students looked at each other, and all of them were a bit stumped for a moment.

                Zhou Caier said hesitantly, "Halfsia, you ...... are purely overthinking this!"

                "In fact, Fang Shao just wanted to have a drink with you, let's make friends, what's wrong with that?"

                "It was you who kept refusing to give face to Fang Shao, refusing again and again, that angered Fang Shao and led to what happened later."

                "In this matter, Fang Shao certainly has a bad temper, but in the end, it's still your fault ......"

                Fang Rong let out a loud laugh, "Well said!"

                Zhou Caier immediately smiled at Fang Rong: "What I said is the truth!"

                Lin Mo, on the other hand, sneered, "What a licking dog!"

                "Do you think Fang Rong will reward you with a bone just because you lick well?"

                Zhou Cai'er was furious, "What did you say?"

                "You soft-eating wimp, who are you to talk to me?"

                "I went to school with Xu Hanxia, who are you to say anything?"

                Xu Hanxia said angrily, "Zhou Caier, whatever my husband wants to say, it's none of your business!"

                "Also, let me ask you, do I have to drink if Fang Rong wants me to?"

                "I'm not a chaperone, why should I drink with him?"

                "If I don't drink, is it my fault that he can insult me wantonly and even bully me here?"

                Zhou Caier stuttered for a moment, and only after a long time did she whisper, "Hanxia, this is all about giving face to each other in the world."

                "When Fang Shao invites you to drink, he is looking up to you, if you don't drink, then you are not giving face."

                "Fang Shao is angry, this ...... is also a common human feeling!"

                Lin Mo laughed: "Well said!"

                "This girl, I hope that if someone toasts you later, you must give face!"