Medical Genius Chapter 868

 Lin Mo stood in place as if he hadn't moved.

                His gaze was cold as he said, word for word, "If you keep talking cheap, you'll only be able to drink porridge in the future!"

                Fang Rong was so angry that he wanted to scold again, but in the end he swallowed his anger.

                The other rich youngsters also lowered their heads and dared not speak.

                A good man would not eat his words, it was too unwise to provoke Lin Mo at this time.

                However, all of them were also secretly fierce in their hearts.

                When the Fang family came later, they would definitely bring Lin Mo to his knees and beg for mercy!

                Wu Fei Fei stood in the corner, seeing all this, she couldn't tell how happy she was in her heart.

                This was her purpose tonight, to deliberately lure Fang Shao to Xu Hanxia's private room, to have Fang Shao molest Xu Hanxia, and then to bring about a conflict between Lin Mo and the Fang family.

                She knew that she couldn't take care of Lin Mo on her own, so she had to use the power of the Fang family.

                Although Lin Mo knew a few big shots, but now that he had beaten up the Fang family's heir like that, would the Fang family let him go?

                Those big shots wouldn't go against the Fang Family, one of the Ten Great Families, just for Lin Mo!

                Therefore, in Wu Fei Fei's opinion, Lin Mo had messed with the wrong people and was now dead, so she couldn't say how happy she was in her heart.

                As for Xu Hanxia's classmates, they were all a little surprised.

                They had just wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to make friends with Fang and the others, but they had not expected things to come to this point.

                Especially when Lin Mo rushed in and struck so ruthlessly, it really scared them all.

                Among them, that Zhou Cai'er couldn't help but say, "Half Xia, who is this ...... person?"

                Xu Hanxia: "He's my husband, Lin Mo!"

                Several women were stunned, Zhou Cai'er's eyes widened, "Your husband?"

                "Just ...... is the door-to-door son-in-law?"

                The other few people then came back to their senses, they all remembered that Xu Hanxia had indeed found a son-in-law at home.

                This matter, at that time in the circle of classmates, was still laughed at by many people.

                She was the school flower at the time, and there were rows and rows of people chasing her.

                Who would have thought that Xu Hanxia would end up with a son-in-law.

                Fang Shao was immediately annoyed: "A son-in-law?"

                "Damn, I thought you were some kind of big shot, but you're just a soft-earned loser!"

                "What a piece of trash!"

                Several other rich youngsters laughed uproariously.

                Those classmates of Xu Hanxia were also looking at Lin Mo with disdain.

                In their opinion, it was an honour for them to make the acquaintance of Fang Shao and the others tonight.

                Lin Mo's mess had directly ruined their good fortune.

                Zhou Cai'er sighed, "Lin Mo, it's not that I'm talking about you!"

                "What are you doing?"

                "Hanxia is having a drink with Fang Shao for a good reason, there's nothing else going on, why are you throwing a tantrum?"

                "Even if you're just a son-in-law, you're at least a man, can you be more generous?"

                "It's fine if you're not successful yourself, but you can't affect Hanxia's future!"

                "Hanxia is now in charge of a company, such social engagements are inevitable."

                "Who would dare to continue doing business with Hanxia's company in the future if you shout at her for having a drink with a client?"

                "If Halfsia's company doesn't have any clients, how else will she make money and support you?"

                Several other women also nodded, "No, I've never seen such a careful man!"

                "If you want to eat soft rice, you have to have the awareness of eating soft rice. If you want to eat soft rice but don't want your woman to earn money, then what are you drinking?"

                "Hanxia, this kind of person is not a good match. I advise you to leave him as soon as possible. With your qualifications, you can definitely find a better one!"

                "Hey, Hanxia, you were the best at that time, why did you find such a person?"

                "We are all highly educated people, how can you stand such a barbaric and reckless man?"