Medical Genius Chapter 863

 At 7pm, in a private room of a nightclub in Guangyang City.

                Fei Fei Wu was leaning against Peter's arms with a sweet expression on her face.

                Suddenly, the door to the room opened and three men walked in from outside.

                Upon closer inspection, these three men were the same three men who had been brought to the Shengshi Mansion by Fei Fei Wu earlier.

                These three men had taken a fancy to Xu Hanxia at that time and wanted to pour Xu Hanxia wine.

                As a result, they were intercepted by Lin Mo, and were all poured out by Lin Mo and sent to the hospital.

                These two days, they had only just been discharged from the hospital, but they still looked, well, weak on their feet.

                "Fifi, so early in the morning, what's the matter with us?"

                A man asked.

                Fei Fei Wu got up from Peter's arms and glanced at them, "Do you want to take revenge for what happened last time?"

                The three men looked at each other, their faces turning ugly to the extreme.

                The leader man gritted his teeth and said, "Nonsense, of course I want to take revenge!"

                "But that bastard's drinking is too much, we can't drink him!"

                Fei Fei Wu laughed coldly, "If you can't drink, then don't drink with him!"

                "I got word that Xu Hanxia will be entertaining a few old classmates from out of town here tonight."

                "Huang Wu, didn't you say you know a few young masters from big families?"

                "Tonight, you'll invite all those few young masters of the family over."

                "When the time comes, I'll take them to Xu Hanxia's box and say that I'll introduce Xu Hanxia to them."

                "That bitch Xu Hanxia is a prude, she won't give those young masters face for sure."

                "As long as they clash, we can take the opportunity to make a big deal out of it."

                "Hmph, when the time comes, those few young masters will be able to tidy up the one surnamed Lin into submission without us having to do anything!"

                These three men's eyes all lit up.

                They had always harboured a grudge after being puked on by Lin Mo last time.

                However, the Xu family had money and power, so they didn't dare to take revenge.

                Now that Fifi Wu had helped them with an idea, they were of course very happy to do so.

                "Fei Fei, then let's do as you say."

                "Hmph, I just happened to have recently met a young master of one of the top ten families, so I might be the heir to the top ten families in the future."

                "This amount of assets of the Xu family is not worth a mention in front of others."

                "If we make a scene tonight, the surname Lin, will definitely die!"

                Huang Wu said excitedly.

                Fei Fei Wu was satisfied and nodded slowly, "Then let's do that."

                The three men left in high spirits.

                Fei Fei Wu leaned back on the sofa with a smug cold smile on the corner of her mouth.

                This plan had been conceived by her for a long time.

                It was just that Xu Hanxia seldom came to nightclubs, and it was only with great difficulty that she waited for this opportunity.

                Peter's expression, on the other hand, was a little uncomfortable; he was an impostor after all, and simply didn't dare to appear in a special scene.

                "Darling, I have a meeting tonight, I'm afraid I can't stay with you!"

                Peter said.

                Fei Fei Wu was instantly filled with disappointment, "Darling, I was hoping to introduce you to those young masters."

                Peter hastily apologised and ran off in a huff with the excuse that he was busy at work.

                Wu Fei Fei didn't care, it was the same tonight, whether Peter was there or not.

                At ten o'clock at night, Xu Hanxia arrived at this Twilight Bar with a few girls.

                These girls were all Xu Hanxia's university classmates, and they were quite close to Xu Hanxia.

                They were usually out of town, but recently they had to have a reunion, so they rushed back.

                They had eaten with Xu Hanxia a few days in advance and came out for a drink in the evening.

                When they got into the private room, Xu Hanxia was still sending messages.

                A girl came over: "Aiyo, Hanxia, all still reporting to your husband on his trip?"

                "This husband of yours, he really treats you like a treasure."

                "What, you're afraid that a few of our old classmates will sell you out, huh?"

                Xu Hanxia smiled, "No."

                "Tell him about it so he doesn't worry."