Medical Genius Chapter 862

 Xu Dongxue originally wanted to persuade Fang Hui, but when she heard her retort, Xu Dongxue was outright annoyed as well.

                "Forget it, I'm too lazy to talk to you."

                "Just believe them, you'll have an endless amount of losses in the future!"

                Fang Hui glared at her, "Shut up!"

                "Your cousin has suffered so much this time, and even if you don't help at all, you're still talking nonsense here?"

                "In that situation just now, not only did you not speak up for your cousin, you weren't even willing to call for an ambulance?"

                "Xue'er, why don't you have any sympathy at all?"

                Xu Dongxue rolled her eyes, not bothering to pay attention to her mother, and pulled Huang Liang straight into the house.

                Fang Hui was sulking, sitting in the living room and sulking.

                Fang Ling took Wu Bing to the hospital and tossed and turned all night before she was able to put Wu Bing away.

                It was after 10am the next morning that Fang Ling called Fei Fei Wu.

                Wu Fei Fei had tossed and turned with Peter all night last night and ran to the hospital with a yawn.

                Seeing Wu Bing's condition, Wu Fei Fei was annoyed: "How could this happen?"

                "Who was so bold as to beat my brother up like this?"

                Fang Ling sighed and told the story of what happened last night.

                After hearing this, Wu Fei Fei was furious, "Mom, you just said that my brother was at my second aunt's house last night and was beaten up like this?"

                Fang Ling nodded her head.

                Wu Fei Fei stormed out, "Did everyone in the Xu family die?"

                "My brother was beaten up like this and they didn't even step in to help?"

                "That's how you call them relatives? What kind of bullshit relatives are these?"

                "Mom, look, you were so good to them before, how come you raised such a family of white-eyed wolves?"

                Fang Ling sighed, "Hey, Fei Fei, don't be angry either."

                "What happened last night was originally Xiao Bing's fault."

                Wu Fei Fei waved her hand straight away, "Mom, I don't think there's anything wrong with Xiaobing!"

                "It was that He Qianxue who hit Xiaobing first, and it's only natural for Xiaobing to be angry and want to take revenge."

                "Besides, those two people from the He family didn't do anything at all, so they brought people here to cause trouble."

                "But what about Xiaobing? He got his teeth knocked out!"

                "It's obvious that this is bullying!"

                Fang Ling was a bit bewildered and hesitated for a moment before whispering, "Fei Fei, that's not how you put it, this time it's mainly because Xiaobing lied."

                "He lied, causing the Xu family to clash with the He family, and that's what made things worse."

                Fei Fei Wu: "That's not even crucial."

                "This time, the He family all came to the doorstep of the house to cause trouble, and not only did the Xu family not help, they even kicked you out."

                "Mom, can't you see that?"

                "The Xu family is just looking down on us and wants to take this opportunity to break off relations with us completely!"

                "Hmph, the Xu family is now rich and looks down on us poor relatives."

                "When I used to live in their house, Xu Hanxia and Xu Dongxue kicked me out more than once."

                "Xu Jiangong, too, often blew up at me and Xiaobing, without a good look."

                "The most crucial thing is that Lin Mo, the son-in-law at home, even dares to tell us what to do!"

                "This family, they're a bunch of white-eyed wolves, there's not a single good thing about them!"

                Fang Ling scratched her head, she was not an opinionated person in the first place.

                Her daughter's words had made her feel a bit dissatisfied with the Xu family in her heart as well.

                "Hey, society is like that."

                "When you're rich, people you don't know all come to nod and bow to you."

                "When you don't have money, even your relatives dislike you."

                "People, how can they forget their roots like this?"

                Fang Ling sighed ruefully.

                Wu Fei Fei then gritted her teeth, "Hmph, they'll have to pay for what they've done after all!"

                "Mom, just wait and see, I'll make them regret it!"

                Fang Ling froze for a moment, "Fifi, what ...... are you going to do?"

                "You don't want to do anything stupid!"