Medical Genius Chapter 861

 Xu Jian Gong spat hard at the door before glaring at Fang Hui: "You see this nephew of yours clearly now!"

                "I've told you, his words can't be trusted."

                "You didn't listen, causing me to go kowtow and apologize to someone at an old age."

                "I ...... really, what sins did I make in my last life, how come I married such a goods as you!"

                Fang Hui bowed her head, not daring to say a word.

                This time, Wu Bing had really hit the bottom line, and she really couldn't refute it.

                Xu Jiangong scolded her angrily again and finally, he set a rule for Fang Hui.

                In the future, she was not allowed to interact with anyone from the Wu family, and she was not allowed to meddle in the affairs of the Wu family. Even in this house, she was not allowed to mention the Wu family's affairs again!

                Fang Hui was a little reluctant: "Jian Gong, what happened today, it was indeed Xiao Bing's fault."

                "But, you ...... are going too far in doing this, aren't you?"

                "Have you forgotten how Lingling helped us when we were poor and broke when we got married ......"

                Xu Jiangong said angrily, "You shut up!"

                "What, she helped us at that time and we have to return the favor without distinguishing between right and wrong?"

                "Did I not take good care of them back home?"

                "Did I say half a word when you asked Lin Mo to sign the order for Wu Weiguo?"

                "Did I object to the fact that our family had to pay a million and six hundred thousand dollars for the last incident?"

                "Fang Hui, Fang Hui, we must at least have a degree of decency in being human, right?"

                "If he's doing the right thing, I won't stop helping him."

                "But he's obviously wrong and you're still helping him like this.

                "You're not helping him, you're aiding the enemy, you're harming him, do you understand?"

                Xu Hanxia nodded slowly, "Mom, if he had been taught a lesson last time when he hit someone with his car, he wouldn't have had to go through all this."

                "Little Bing is a child that Third Aunt and the others spoil too much, he doesn't think about the consequences."

                "It's thanks to Elder He for this incident tonight. If it was someone from the Ten Families instead, mum, even if our family lost money, it would still be useless!"

                Fang Hui lowered her head and didn't say anything, she was now starting to think about the consequences of this matter as well.

                Just as Xu Hanxia had said, He Lao still had to give face to Lin Mo.

                If it had been someone from the Ten Families instead, then the night wouldn't have ended so easily.

                This time, Wu Bing had offended someone from the He family, so it was okay.

                If he didn't teach him a lesson, if he provoked someone from the Ten Great Families in the future, then it would really be the end!

                After a long time of silence, Fang Hui whispered, "Alright, I ...... know I'm wrong."

                "I will talk to Ling Ling and ask her to discipline Little Soldier properly."

                "But, after all, she is my own sister, she was so good to our family in the past, I ...... can't disown her, can I?"

                Xu Jiangong waved his hand in exasperation, "I don't care to talk nonsense to you either!"

                "Anyway, you listen to me clearly."

                "This Shengshi Mansion, they are not allowed to come back in the future!"

                "If you want to see them, you can go to their house."

                "But I have one more thing to say to you."

                "Any trouble they get into outside in the future has nothing to do with my Xu family, and we will definitely not help them deal with it!"

                Xu Jiangong finished speaking and went straight into the room.

                Xu Hanxia also pulled Lin Mo upstairs, she didn't even bother to get involved in the Wu family's affairs.

                Xu Dongxue sighed and said in a low voice, "Mom, you shouldn't be angry either."

                "It's also right to not let the Wu family come over."

                "Wu Bing and Wu Fei Fei, too arrogant and conceited, have been proclaiming outside that this villa of our family is theirs, but in fact we are living in their house on loan."

                "Such people, you shouldn't give them a good face. Otherwise, they will really get an inch in the future!"

                Fang Hui was annoyed: "That's enough!"

                "How can you say that about your cousins?"

                "How could they possibly say such things?"