Medical Genius Chapter 857

 He Lao's face was icy cold as he glanced at him, "Xu Jian Gong, I just said it."

                "If you want to apologize, kneel on the ground and kowtow to me and my granddaughter!"

                Xu Jiangong's face suddenly changed and he said in a deep voice, "Elder He, where there is mercy, there is forgiveness?"

                "My Xu family, although not as good as the He family, is not something you can insult at will!"

                Fang Hui also immediately said, "That's right, this time, although my nephew was wrong, but you don't need to raise such a big crowd, right?"

                "Bringing so many people to your door, He Jinyan, what are you trying to do?"

                "To kill and silence him?"

                "Do you think there is no law in this world?"

                He laughed coldly, "Yes, there are laws in the world."

                "But ask your nephew, does he want us to call the police, or settle this privately?"

                Fang Hui said indignantly, "He Jinyan, if you have the guts, call the police!"

                "You brought so many people with you and broke into a private house, I just don't believe it, who has a bigger problem!"

                "My nephew lied, at most it's considered slander, you're different ......"

                He Lao immediately said, "Fine, Qianxue, call the police!"

                "Just say someone is taking women by force and the main culprit is here!"

                "Even, I suspect that all those recent missing persons cases in Guangyang City are related to him!"

                Wu Bing was panicking, he had been in quite a lot of trouble before. If he caused this incident again, he was designated to go to jail for a few years.

                "Second Aunt, Second Aunt, you mustn't call the police!"

                Wu Bing said urgently.

                Fang Hui was bewildered: "Why?"

                "They're trespassing, why are you afraid of them?"

                Xu Hanxia bristled, "Mom, can't you see it now?"

                "This kid, he's done something untoward again!"

                Fang Hui's eyes widened as she suddenly remembered that Wu Bing had said when he came in that they wanted to teach He Qianxue a little lesson.

                She had been so angry about Lin Mo and He Qianxue before that she had forgotten about it.

                He Lao said coldly, "General Xu, you still don't know what he's done, do you?"

                "Hmph, I just happened to bring those few accomplices of his, let them tell you the details?"

                He Lao clapped his hands and another group of people came in at the door.

                A few of them were escorted in, none other than those few friends of Wu Bing's.

                These few people told them what had happened before.

                After hearing this, Xu Hanxia was so angry that she almost vomited blood.

                She glared at Wu Bing in annoyance, "Wu Bing, you've done a good job!"

                "Mother, this is what your nephew did!"

                "You're still protecting him? Keep protecting him!"

                Fang Hui was dumbfounded, only now did she finally understand what was going on.

                Xu Jiangong, on the other hand, was devastated, "I'll go fuck you, Wu Bing, you bastard son of a bitch."

                "You did this kind of thing and you still came here to stir up trouble, trying to get us to clash with He Lao?"

                "You, how can you be so vicious at heart?"

                "Fang Hui, you ...... If you protect him again, I'll divorce you!"

                Fang Hui was almost crying, "Xiaobing, ah, you ...... how could you do such a thing?"

                "He Lao, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry."

                "I'll say sorry for him, you ...... are magnanimous, spare him once ......"

                "Elder He, I beg you ......"

                He Lao's face was cold: "Fang Hui, that's not how you spoke to me just now!"

                "If I remember correctly, you said very clearly then that your nephew would never lie to you."

                "And calling my granddaughter a slut?"

                Fang Hui's face swelled red, "Elder He, I know I'm wrong."

                "For the sake of Lin Mo, you can forgive me once ......"

                He Lao slowly shook his head, "Impossible!"

                "I just made it very clear, if I'm wrong, then I'll jump off the roof of the building opposite!"

                "I'll bet my life against you, you want to settle this matter with a word of apology, do you think that's possible?"