Medical Genius Chapter 855

 Hearing Elder He's words, Wu Bing almost sat down on the ground.

                He didn't expect that He Lao had even brought evidence with him.

                As soon as He Lao waved his hand, the person next to him immediately brought over a flash drive.

                The video was put on the television, and the image from the hospital corridor was immediately shown on it.

                What was shown on it was exactly how Wu Bing had molested He Qianxue.

                Just as He Lao had said, the conversation between the two, was also all recorded, and the crowd was able to clearly hear all the contents of Wu Bing's molestation of He Qianxue.

                After watching the video, the faces of the crowd were different.

                Fang Hui's face was ashen, while Xu Jiangong sat paralyzed on the sofa.

                As for Fang Ling, she was in a state of shock, knowing that things were in trouble.

                He Lao swept the crowd, "This is the video from the hospital corridor, everyone has seen it clearly, there is no need for me to explain any further, right?"

                "Now, who is right and who is wrong, everyone should be clear in their hearts, right?"

                Xu Hanxia said indignantly, "Wu Bing, you ...... have a lot of nerve?"

                "How can you do such a thing?"

                Wu Bing cried out, unable to speak.

                Fang Ling cried out in pain, "Xiaobing ah, how could you do such a stupid thing?"

                "You ...... you child, why do you make me so uncomfortable?"

                "Second sister ah, you ...... help me educate him, I really don't want to live ......"

                Fang Hui hurriedly pulled Fang Ling as she gritted her teeth and strained her neck, "This ...... video doesn't mean anything either!"

                "That's right, what Wu Bing said to Miss He was indeed a bit rude."

                "But the one surnamed He, hooking up with Lin Mo, is that right?"

                "We're talking about He Qianyue's affair with Lin Mo, not about Wu Bing."

                "He Jinyan, don't change the subject!"

                He Lao gave her a deep look, "Fang Hui, you're really capable of stirring things up!"

                "It's already this time, and you're still stubborn?"

                "Can't you see that this nephew of yours is just lying!"

                Xu Hanxia also said anxiously, "Mom, you ...... can't be reasonable?"

                "It's already this time, and you're still protecting him?"

                Fang Hui also knew that this time, it was definitely Wu Bing who had lied.

                However, she had no choice now ah.

                If she bowed her head now, then next, Wu Bing would definitely be in trouble.

                Therefore, she could only stir up nonsense like this now and hang on until the end.

                "How am I being unreasonable?"

                "It's your cousin's fault for speaking uncivilly to her."

                "But, He Qianxue hooking up with Lin Mo, is this matter, also your cousin's fault?"

                Fang Hui exclaimed.

                Xu Hanxia: "That's a lie on his part!"

                "Lin Mo and Miss He, there's nothing going on at all!"

                Fang Hui said angrily, "How do you know he's lying?"

                "How do you know they're both fine?"

                "As the saying goes, there's no wind, no waves."

                "If they were both fine, would your cousin say such things?"

                Xu Hanxia was almost furious, she couldn't really communicate properly with her mother now that she was being so stubborn.

                He Lao's face was cold: "Fang Hui, you really don't see the coffin and don't shed a tear!"

                "Good, your nephew said that he saw Lin Mo with my granddaughter in the alley behind the hospital."

                "Then let's investigate this matter today!"

                "There's also surveillance behind the hospital, which just happens to capture the situation in those alleyways."

                "I think your nephew has only been back in the country for less than a month, right?"

                "I'll count it as a month for him, I'll find all the surveillance in this month, let's compare them one by one, how about that?"

                Fang Hui's face changed, she originally wanted to use this matter as an excuse to dwell on it, so that He Lao could not find any trouble with them.

                She didn't expect that He Lao would be so angry and spend so much on the project to prove this matter.

                This time, it was her who didn't know what to do!