Medical Genius Chapter 853

 Xu Hanxia snorted, "Has he lied to us any more?"

                "The last time about Song Zhilan ......"

                Fang Hui growled loudly, "Why are you talking about the last time?"

                "Let's talk about the matter, let's be right about the matter, not the person!"

                "Besides, this time, the bottom line has been touched, how could he possibly cheat?"

                "Hanxia, do you trust your cousin, or do you trust an outsider?"

                Fang Ling also whispered next to her, "Hanxia, Xiaobing is very honest, he won't lie to you."

                "Besides, what good would it do Xiaobing to make up such lies for himself?"

                "Isn't he still doing it for your own good?"

                Xu Hanxia frowned, she didn't trust Wu Bing, at all.

                "Mom, Third Aunt, we're trying to settle things now, it's not a matter of whether we trust each other or not!"

                "Elder He and Miss He are both here, we have to make things clear, right?"

                "Otherwise, how do you guys think this matter will be resolved?"

                Xu Hanxia said in a deep voice.

                Fang Hui said straightforwardly, "How do you need to ask how to settle this?"

                "That slut, seducing your husband, aren't you angry?"

                "This kind of thing, in the past, adulterous couples were to be immersed in a pig cage."

                "Now, even if they don't have to be dipped in a pig cage, they still have to give an account."

                "And they came to our house to beat up your father? Hanxia, you are at least the chairman of Xu Pharmaceutical, can you swallow this anger?"

                He Lao's face was cold as he pointed straight at Fang Hui, "If you say one more word about a bitch, I'll knock your teeth out!"

                Fang Hui was furious: "Who are you scaring, this is my home ......"

                Before the words left his mouth, He Lao waved his hand directly and several people around him surrounded him aggressively.

                Fang Hui was instantly goaded and immediately shut her mouth and stopped talking.

                Xu Jiangong gritted his teeth, "He, you think you're the only one who can find people?"

                "Xiao Huang, you call someone over immediately now."

                "I don't believe it, this is our Xu family, when did it become his turn to play tough!"

                Huang Liang lowered his head and dared not speak, he didn't have the guts to fight with He Lao.

                He Lao glanced at him and said in a cold voice, "Xu Jiangong, Fang Hui, this matter must be settled clearly today."

                "You guys say that my granddaughter is colluding with Lin Mo, do you have any proof?"

                Xu Jian Gong looked at Fang Hui, who immediately said with a strained neck, "My nephew saw it with his own eyes, this is the proof!"

                Xu Hanxia was helpless, "Mother, how can you believe Wu Bing's words?"

                Fang Hui said angrily, "You shut up!"

                "That's my own nephew, how can he lie to me?"

                He Lao nodded slowly, "Fine, you said your nephew saw it with his own eyes, then let's get him to come out and tell us what happened!"

                Fang Hui laughed coldly, "What, am I still afraid of you?"

                "Xiaobing, come out and tell us everything you saw!"

                Wu Bing forced down the panic in his heart and said in a low voice: "That day, I ......"

                He Lao directly interrupted him, "Which day?"

                "When exactly?"

                "In what place?"

                Wu Bing froze, thought for a moment, and immediately said, "It was last Monday afternoon, in a small alley behind the hospital ......"

                Wu Bing didn't say the day he went to the hospital, but changed it to last Monday, in order to correspond to the incident where he clashed with He Qianxue in the hospital.

                In this way, even if He Qianxue said that he was in the hospital. He could also say that he had seen He Qianxue hooking up with Lin Mo and had gone up to question He Qianxue, and that was why the conflict had arisen.

                However, when he heard this, He Lao laughed coldly straight away, "You lie!"

                Wu Bing couldn't help but stare, "I ...... where did I lie?"

                He Lao said aloud, "Last Monday, Qianxue went to Hai Cheng with me, and she was not in Guangyang City for the whole day."

                "You said you saw her last Monday afternoon, humph, I ask you, how did you see her?"