Medical Genius Chapter 849

 Wu Bing knelt on the ground, and without answering Fang Ling's words, he said in a trembling voice, "Second Aunt, you have to save me no matter what."

                "Second Aunt, you love me the most, you must help me."

                Fang Hui hurriedly said, "Aiya, Xiaobing, what's wrong again?"

                "Come, you get up first and talk."

                Wu Bing didn't get up at all and said in a trembling voice, "Second Aunt, promise me first."

                "Otherwise, I ...... I won't get up!"

                Fang Hui looked distressed and quickly said, "Xiaobing, you don't need to be afraid."

                "No matter what, Second Aunt will help you."

                "Come, come, come, get up, tell Second Aunt what's wrong!"

                Only then did Wu Bing get up and tremblingly told the story.

                Of course, he didn't dare to say that he had molested He Qianxue, he only said that he had gone to the hospital, had a verbal altercation with He Qianxue, and was slapped twice by He Qianxue.

                Then, he also didn't say anything about how he wanted to take He Qianyue away and rape her.

                He only said that he wanted to teach He Qianxue a small lesson, but he didn't expect things to get so big.

                After hearing this, Fang Hui was directly dumbfounded.

                Although Wu Bing had censored a lot, she still knew very well that this time Wu Bing had really gotten into a big trouble.

                Other people were not clear about He Lao, but she was very clear about it.

                After all, the Xu Group, from the earliest days, had been cooperating with the Shengyuan Group.

                And He Lao, as the chief doctor of Shengyuan Group, Xu Group had always treated him with great respect.

                Furthermore, He Lao's status in Guangyang City was also extremely high.

                The Xu Pharmaceuticals today also had connections with He Lao in many ways.

                Under such circumstances, Wu Bing had gone so far as to provoke He Lao, and even bullied He Lao's most favoured granddaughter.

                Fang Ling did not understand the situation, she frowned, "Little Bing, you kid, why is he like this?"

                "All day long, you just know how to get into trouble, can you just stop!"

                "Hey, second sister, this ...... time I'm afraid I'll have to trouble you again."

                "Why don't we buy some things and go pay this He a visit?"

                Fang Hui gave her a helpless look, "Ling ah, this ...... this is not going to work, I'm afraid."

                Fang Ling was surprised: "Why?"

                Fang Hui helplessly told her about He Lao, and finally, she whispered, "Offending He Lao is more troublesome than offending Song Zhilan."

                "Song Zhilan is just doing business and has money, she doesn't really have many friends."

                "He Lao is different, he has saved many people."

                "In Guangyang City, there are too many people who owe Elder He favours."

                "The He family, too, has too much face in Guangyang City."

                "If Little Soldier did something like this, there would be countless people in Guangyang City who would be looking for trouble with Little Soldier without Elder He opening his mouth!"

                "Even, some with black hands might just sink Xiaobing into the Guangyang River one day!"

                After hearing this, Fang Ling's eyes directly widened.

                She hadn't thought at all that her son would get into such a big trouble!

                After a long time of silence, Fang Ling trembled and said, "Sister, then ...... what about this?"

                "I ...... only have Xiaobing as my son, you must help him ah ......"

                Fang Hui's face was somber as she sighed, "Xiaobing is my nephew, of course I have to help him."

                "But ...... but I can't say anything at all in front of He Lao!"

                Fang Ling hurriedly said, "Then ...... how about finding Hanxia?"

                "Hanxia is the chairman, her words carry more weight."

                Fang Hui shook her head, "Hanxia is useless too."

                "In He Lao's eyes, Hanxia, the chairman of the board, is nothing at all!"

                Fang Ling was anxious, "Then what should we do?"

                "Sister, you have to do something, I only have one son, Xiaobing!"

                Fang Hui was silent for a long time before she gritted her teeth and said, "Nowadays, there is only one person in our family who can say anything in front of He Lao!"

                Fang Ling said urgently, "Who is it?"

                Fang Hui slowly spat out two words, "Lin Mo!"