Medical Genius Chapter 847

 The few security guards immediately surrounded the youths and beat them up violently.

                A woman at the back couldn't stand it anymore and said angrily, "Hey, what are you doing?"

                "What's going on between a husband and wife, is it your business?"

                The others followed suit, "Yes, it's their private business, what do you care?"

                "What, that old man has money and you're helping him?"

                "What the hell is this?"

                "This kind of shop, I won't come back to it even if I die, rubbish!"

                The manager was filled with anger and slapped the woman across the face, cursing, "Bitch, shut up!"

                The woman froze for a moment, then became furious and went up to the manager, scratching him, "How dare you hit me, I'll fight you!"

                Several of the woman's friends also gathered around, ready to fight with the manager.

                At that moment, a group of security guards rushed in outside and held them all down.

                The woman's face was defiant: "What? Are you relying on the number of people?"

                "I don't believe it, there's no justice in this world!"

                "Call the police, call the police!"

                All the people around also took out their mobile phones, taking pictures and photography, and yelling to spread these things.

                The manager's face was irritated and he broke into a scolding, "Call the police?"

                "Fine, you report it, just so you don't have to call me!"

                "Did you know that this Miss He, is that Old Man He's own granddaughter."

                "They're regulars at our shop, they know our boss very well, Miss He, calls our boss even auntie."

                "This bunch of rubbish punks, they come in and say something about catching adultery and you guys believe them?"

                "And you guys are helping him out?"

                "Hmph, I now suspect that you guys are in cahoots with these people."

                "Just a bunch of traffickers, specialising in abducting and selling women!"

                At these words, the whole room was shocked and everyone was dumbfounded.

                No one had expected that this would be the case.

                They had just thought that it was a case of catching adultery, but who knew that things would take such a turn for the worse, that it would become a forced robbery of a young girl?

                The woman's eyes widened, "This ...... can't be?"

                "You ...... are scaring me?"

                The manager sneered, "Scaring you?"

                "Hmph, later when the police come, you will know if I am scaring you!"

                At that moment, a few more people ran in from outside the door, and it was the manager of this mall.

                He hastily ran to He Lao's side: "He Lao, are you alright?"

                "Miss He, are you ...... how are you?"

                "Oops, right, I'm really sorry, it was an oversight on my part."

                "I will definitely give both of you a satisfactory answer!"

                This mall manager, on the outside, was also a big shot.

                Hearing his words now, the crowd was completely sure that this was indeed the grandfather and grandson.

                At this moment, the people who were still shouting in righteous indignation just now, all of them immediately extinguished their anger.

                They had previously accused the manager of not minding the matter, but now they realised that they had almost let a group of bad people take an innocent girl away.

                While these people were ashamed in their hearts, more than anything else, they wanted to slip away quietly.

                If they had spoken up for the youths, wouldn't they be in trouble if they were pursued later?

                The woman who had just been beaten up was now panicking too. She now regretted to the core that she had not come forward to speak up.

                If she was convicted of being an accomplice of those youths, she would not be able to escape.

                She hastily climbed up and said in a trembling voice, "Manager, manager, I ...... really don't know."

                "I don't know what the situation is either, I really don't know what their relationship is."

                "This ...... thing, it really has nothing to do with me ah ......"

                The manager glared at her, "What are you talking about if it's okay?"

                "It doesn't matter, why are you stopping us?"

                The woman trembled: "I ...... thought they were catching adultery, I really didn't know it was like this ah ......"