Medical Genius Chapter 846

 In Guangyang City, Wu Bing had already met a group of foxes and friends.

                Of course, this is all based on the premise that Wu Bing lives in the Shengshi Mansion.

                Wu Bing would say to everyone that he lived in a single villa in the Shengshi Mansion, that his father was a senior executive in a foreign company and that his sister was the chairman of the company.

                Anyway, he took everything about the Xu family and blended it all into himself, creating a persona of a rich second-generation returnee.

                This persona allowed him to quickly befriend a group of people.

                This group of people, all street punks, treated him with respect as a second generation rich kid and obeyed his orders.

                Now he made a phone call and the gang immediately rushed over.

                Wu Bing explained to them and left first.

                After what happened last time, Wu Bing's mind was a lot clearer, he didn't go up himself and knew to let others do it.

                He went downstairs and the youths walked straight into the restaurant.

                The young man at the head glanced at He Qianxue and his eyes lit up, "Brother Wu has a good eye, this chick is not bad!"

                "We'll be lucky tonight!"

                The youths behind them were all full of lewd smiles.

                Wu Bing had told them that if they got this girl back, everyone would get a share tonight.

                He Qianxue was chatting with He Lao when a few youths suddenly came over.

                The leader of the youths grabbed He Qianxue's hair and pulled her back, saying angrily, "Bitch, so you've run away here!"

                "Damn it, stealing a man behind my back, and looking for such an old thing?"

                "You really think I don't exist!"

                With a single word, everyone in the hall looked over.

                He Lao was furious and slapped the case, "Who are you people?"

                "What do you want?"

                The young man at the head grabbed the wine cup on the table and splashed a glass of wine all over He Lao's face, spitting hard.

                "Damn, old thing, old cow eating young grass, isn't it?"

                "I'm telling you, this bitch, she's still my daughter-in-law now."

                "You fucking seduced my daughter-in-law, are you tired of living?"

                The crowd around whispered at once.

                "Ouch, so it's catching adultery!"

                "Gosh, this old guy, at this age, still keeping such a young girl, shame on him?"

                "This girl is no good either, look at her like that. Hmph, a slut!"

                The crowd murmured, all treating this as a good show to catch an adulterer.

                He Lao was furious: "Unbridled!"

                "What are you doing?"

                "This is my granddaughter ......"

                The young man in charge grabbed the plate on the table and snapped it directly at He Lao's face, breaking into a scolding, "Old thing, what are you pretending for?"

                "And granddaughter, do you want to lose face?"

                "Fuck, I don't care about you, take this bitch back to me first!"

                The youths dragged He Qianxue outside.

                No matter how much He Qianxue shouted, no one paid any attention.

                The crowd all thought that this was a case of catching adultery, so they were all in the mindset of watching the fun, and no one believed the words of He Lao and He Qianxue.

                These few youths were extremely pleased in their hearts, this was the plan they had just made.

                Such a high-end restaurant, directly arresting people, that would definitely not work.

                Using the excuse of catching an adulterer this way, firstly, no one would pay attention. Secondly, they felt that with this method, He Lao would definitely not dare to call the police.

                After all, as far as they were concerned, He Lao was just an old pervert who had adopted a little girl. How could such a person dare to call the police?

                However, before they could get out of the restaurant, they were directly stopped by several security guards.

                At the head of the group, was a man in a suit who was the manager of the place.

                His face was cold and he said in a deep voice, "Let her go!"

                The young man at the head of the group paled slightly, but still strained his neck and said, "What did you say?"

                "I'm in charge of my own daughter-in-law, what does it have to do with you?"

                "You fucking ......"

                Before he could finish his sentence, the manager punched him in the nose, causing blood to flow down his mouth.

                Then, with a wave of his hand, the manager said angrily, "Beat me to death!"