Medical Genius Chapter 843

 Lin Mo glanced at He Qianxue and slowly shook his head, "No, the problem lies in the Black Dragon Pool!"

                He Qianxue was surprised, "Why?"

                Lin Mo didn't explain to her, it was about the Miaojiang compulsion tribe, Lin Mo didn't want her to get involved in it.

                The real reason for this was actually somewhat similar to Song Zhilan's girlfriend's situation.

                Song Zhilan's best friend, because she had compulsions in her body for many years, had developed a constitution that easily attracted compulsions.

                This patient, on the other hand, was born with a body that was more prone to attracting parasites.

                This kind of free-range compulsion, unless you purposely eat the compulsion in, it will not attack people at will without the owner's order.

                Of course, there are some exceptions, that is, the patient's own physique attracts the parasite.

                This is the reason why he was the only one who was hit by the parasite when they went fishing, because his constitution attracts parasites.

                After looking at the time, it was still early and it was not suitable to go to the Black Dragon Pool.

                Lin Mo then went to see two other patients.

                One of these two patients had been infected by a compulsion and the other, a rare and strange disease.

                Lin Mo cured that strange disease by hand, and focused more on this person who had been struck by a compulsion.

                From this person, Lin Mo learnt of another place, the Wu Song Po in the southern suburbs.

                Judging from the map, the location of Wu Song Po and Black Dragon Pool was still relatively close.

                This one directly dispelled Lin Mo's idea of going directly to Black Dragon Pool at night.

                This was because, while these two locations were so close, there were two people raising parasites here, which meant that these two people must know each other.

                If Lin Mo ventured over there, he might have to face these two people at the same time.

                Moreover, this was only what Lin Mo had found out, who knew if there would be any other Miao frontier people there.

                So, to be on the safe side, Lin Mo decided to make some pills to protect his body before going to meet these people for a while.

                In the evening after work, Lin Mo went straight back to Wangjiang Garden and began to refine pills.

                He Qianxue originally wanted to ask Lin Mo to treat her to dinner, but seeing that Lin Mo had something important to do, she didn't force herself to do so.

                When she returned home alone and bored, she received a message from one of her girlfriends: "Qianxue, are you going to a disco tonight?"

                "There's a handsome guy!"

                If it was in the past, He Qianxue would have gone out immediately.

                However, ever since she met Lin Mo, He Qianxue had no interest in this at all.

                She directly replied with two words, "No go!"

                Then, putting down the phone, He Qianxue sat on the sofa with her legs in her arms, a bored look on her face.

                As she was sitting there, He Lao came in from outside.

                Seeing her like this, he couldn't help but smile: "Qianxue, what are you thinking about? You're so absorbed in your thoughts!"

                He Qianxue was thinking about Lin Mo, and when she heard her grandfather's words, her face couldn't help but blush.

                "Grandpa, I'm waiting for you to eat!"

                "If you don't come back, your granddaughter will be hungry!"

                He Qianxue pulled at He Lao and pouted.

                He Lao laughed, "Fine, whatever you want to eat, grandpa will take you to eat it."

                Half an hour later, He Qianxue grabbed Elder He's arm and went to a relatively high-end western restaurant in the city.

                He Lao was speechless, "Aiya, Qianxue, can we eat something that normal people eat?"

                "This stuff, I really can't eat it!"

                He Qianxue pouted, "Grandpa, then I want to eat it!"

                He was helpless, he really had no temper at all with this granddaughter.

                The two of them found a seat by the window and sat down.

                Just then, a person in the distance, inadvertently saw He Qianxue and his face changed.

                This person was none other than Wu Bing, who was now sitting at a table outside with a girl in tow.

                Sitting opposite him was Wu Fei Fei, and a foreigner with blonde hair and blue eyes.

                This foreigner, who was quite tall and handsome, attracted the girl beside Wu Bing who kept looking at him quietly.

                If Lin Mo and Xu Hanxia were here, they would have been able to recognise at a glance that this foreigner, was the same Peter they had met before.