Medical Genius Chapter 842

 He Qianxue's beautiful eyes widened, the shamelessness of this section chief had surpassed her perception ah.

                However, the woman and her two sons were not stupid either.

                The woman directly gave him a backhand slap, "You cure your mother's legs!"

                "If you were really capable, my husband wouldn't have had to lie here for more than half a month."

                "You quack, bastard son of a bitch, shameless!"

                "I tell you, I must go to the dean, I want him to give me an account!"

                The department head's face changed sharply, "You ...... dare you hit someone?"

                The woman gave him another slap, "Why wouldn't I dare?"

                The woman's two sons also gathered around.

                The head of the department's face was swollen red: "If you dare to touch me, I ...... will call security!"

                The woman sneered, "Fine, you call security."

                "I'm going to call the police too, you quack, you almost killed my husband, let's see you in court!"

                The head of the department's face changed sharply. If this matter really went to court, no one would be able to take advantage of it.

                Of course, to the woman, it was no big deal.

                But the problem was that he, a doctor, was being sued like this, and if things went wrong and the hospital's face was lost, his position would be finished.

                "Big sister, have a good talk, why be so angry ......"

                The head of the department said with a smile on his face.

                The woman didn't even look at him and said to Lin Mo with a face full of respect, "Mr. Lin, thank you for saving my life."

                "I ...... had no eyes and said disrespectful things to you just now, you ...... must not take it to heart."

                Those two sons also sincerely apologized.

                Lin Mo waved his hand, "It's fine."

                "The patient's condition is almost better, I will write a medicine list for you later, you should give him three doses of medicine and he will be fine from now on."

                "Right, Director Hao, you go out for a while, I have something, I need to consult the patient!"

                The head of the department was dumbfounded, what was this? This is my place, my section, let me go out?

                But, he did end up going out honestly, not daring to let out a single fart.

                The woman stood by the bed: "Mr Lin, what do you want to ask my husband?"

                "He's been in a coma for many days, or else, you can ask me ......"

                Lin Mo smiled and shook his head as he took out three silver needles and pricked them in the patient's forehead and both shoulders.

                In full view of everyone, the patient woke up in a quiet way.

                This time, the woman and her two sons all stared in disbelief, their faces full of incredible expressions.

                This medical skill of Lin Mo's was too amazing.

                Lin Mo looked at the patient, "Do you still remember if you had been to any place with water before you got sick?"

                "I'm talking about the kind of water in the wild, like a lake, a river or something like that."

                The patient looked bewildered, not yet adjusted to the present situation.

                After a while, he caught his breath, "I ...... like fishing, before I got sick, I went with a friend to the southern suburbs inside the mountains, there was a black dragon pool, and I fished there."

                Lin Mo jotted down the location and said in a deep voice: "Is there anything else?"

                The patient shook his head, "I was rather busy during that time, and only went to that place to fish."

                "Other than that, there were no places with water."

                Lin Mo asked for some more details and had a rough guess in his mind.

                After that, he wrote the medicine list and gave it to the woman.

                The woman and her two sons, thanked Lin Mo profusely and were grateful.

                As for the head of the department, one stood at the door and no one paid any attention to him.

                When the woman returned to the ward, she spat at him again, but the head of the department did not even dare to fart.

                Walking out of the hospital, He Qianxue was surprised and said, "Lin Mo, according to what he said, he went there with some friends."

                "But he was the only one who got sick, the other friends were fine."

                "The problem, it shouldn't be on top of this Black Dragon Pool, right?"