Medical Genius Chapter 841

 Lin Mo nodded and took a step back, "I'll leave it to you then."

                The head of the department looked puzzled, but still pretended to bring his stethoscope and went over to check things out.

                The woman stood by with a hopeful face, "Director Hao, how is it going?"

                "My husband, he's okay, right?"

                The head of the department nodded, "Nothing serious, just needs to recuperate ......"

                Before he could finish his words, this patient suddenly let out a hiss, as if something had choked his throat, and his face soon turned iron blue.

                Several people were startled, and the woman said urgently, "Director Hao, what is ...... going on here?"

                "What's wrong with my husband?"

                The head of the department was also confused, this situation, he couldn't understand it at all.

                He Qianxue had a surprised look on her face, "Brother Lin, didn't you say it was fine?"

                Lin Mo whispered, "I haven't finished dealing with it yet."

                "The tentacles of the possession compulsion are usually attached to the veins, causing the skin to separate from the body."

                "After the possession parasite is taken out, his skin and body, there is a process of fusion."

                "This process requires the blood to be guided and slowly flow throughout the body."

                "Otherwise, this localised concentration of blood will occur, either by localised swelling or, as such, direct breathing difficulties!"

                He Qianxue suddenly realized, and could not help but laugh darkly, "Let's see what he does now!"

                The head of the department had his hands full with a lot of tossing and turning, but it was no use at all.

                This patient's face was red, the veins on his neck were visible and his eyes were bulging out.

                It looked like he was about to suffocate.

                The head of the department was now almost broken.

                If the patient died like this, he would not be able to escape the blame.

                But the problem was that he didn't even know what the cause of the disease was, so he couldn't do anything about it.

                "Director Hao, you save my husband ah ......"

                The woman cried out, and her two sons were distraught.

                The department director was sweating profusely, he would like to save someone, but he didn't have the ability to do so.

                Just at that moment, Lin Mo walked over.

                "Why don't I do it?"

                Lin Mo said softly.

                The woman and her two sons looked at Lin Mo and then at the head of the department, neither of them saying anything for a while.

                The head of the department looked embarrassed, if Lin Mo stepped in to save the patient, wouldn't that be a complete indication that this patient was cured by Lin Mo?

                He Qianxue said slowly from the side, "Director Hao, human lives are at stake!"

                "If this patient dies here, tsk, what will we do then, yo!"

                The department director finally panicked and said urgently, "Mr. Lin, you ...... you come, you come ......"

                Lin Mo saw that the patient was dying, so he directly pointed a finger at his jaw.

                With just one click, this patient's airway seemed to suddenly clear up.

                He let out a long breath and his face slowly returned to normal.

                The department head's eyes glazed over, was it that simple?

                He did not know that this matter, however, was not simple.

                The most important thing was to know where exactly the blood was blocked in this patient.

                This, there was no way to tell.

                Only Lin Mo could see it at a glance, and then quickly strike and break up this blood.

                Moreover, this finger could not be the slightest bit wrong.

                Because the blood pressure in this area was very high, if the wrong position was pressed, it might make the blood break through the skin, and the patient would definitely die!

                Of course, none of these things were known to the people in the room.

                The woman and her two sons were stunned, and the three of them looked at Lin Mo in shock.

                They suddenly realised that Lin Mo was the one who was truly capable.

                The head of the department, in front of Lin Mo, was nothing at all!

                He Qianxue glanced at them and smiled coldly, "Now, you know who cured him, right?"

                The woman was just about to speak when the head of the department immediately gritted his teeth and said, "Hmph, now it was indeed he who cured him."

                "But the patient's puffiness was cured by me, one size fits all!"