Medical Genius Chapter 840

 The patient was still unconscious and certainly couldn't speak.

                He Qianxue sneered, "Of course it's fine!"

                "You can't see with your eyes?"

                "My brother Lin has already cured him, what else could be wrong?"

                The woman exclaimed, "You ...... have cured him?"

                "Really? Is he ...... really cured?"

                He Qianxue said indignantly, "Are you blind, can't you see for yourself whether he is well or not?"

                The woman was no longer half angry at this point, but instead was full of surprise: "This ...... is really healed."

                "Eldest two, your father is finally well, your father is fine!"

                "Great, the heavens have eyes ......"

                The two sons were also excited and joyful.

                He Qianxue bristled, "What God has eyes?"

                "It was my brother Lin who cured them!"

                The woman looked at Lin Mo excitedly, "It's really you who cured my husband?"

                "Aiya, Mr. Lin, thank you so much ......"

                Lin Mo was just about to speak when the head of the department suddenly ran in and shouted, "Nonsense!"

                "This is clearly our latest treatment method working, how did he cure it?"

                He Qianxue's eyes widened, this man was too shameless to steal the credit, right?

                The woman was bewildered, "Yes ...... you cured him?"

                The department head had a serious face, "Of course!"

                "It's a treatment plan I've only recently got on, and I didn't expect it to finally work."

                "Hey, if I could have used this treatment plan earlier, the patient wouldn't have had to suffer for so long!"

                The woman looked at the head of the department and then at Lin Mo, not knowing for a moment how to choose.

                He Qianxue frowned, "Hey, you're too shameless, aren't you?"

                "This was clearly cured by my brother Lin, and you're stealing the credit?"

                The department head sneered, "Miss He, I know that you are Elder He's granddaughter and everyone holds you in high esteem."

                "But you have to be responsible for what you say!"

                "You've only been here for a short while and you dare to say you've cured this patient?"

                "Healing, too, takes time."

                "You've had less than forty minutes since you entered the hospital, and you've managed to bring down the swelling all over his body?"

                "Oh, guys, I won't tell you myself, do you think this is logical?"

                The woman and her two sons immediately nodded their heads, and this time, they were leaning directly towards this section chief.

                "Director Hao is right, how can one be cured in such a short time."

                "My father has been ill for over half a month and the swelling hasn't gone down, and you made it go down in a few minutes? Are you kidding?"

                "That's not even enough time to understand his condition, how can he be cured?"

                "People are really capable of doing anything for the sake of fame!"

                The woman and her two sons muttered in a low voice.

                The head of the department was full of glee, if he could take the credit for curing this patient this time, then he would be rich.

                This case had been taken seriously by the whole hospital, and several experts from Guangyang City had consulted him several times.

                If he could cure it, when the time came, he would definitely have a great reputation and his status in the hospital would be raised once again.

                He really didn't expect that he just wanted to punk Lin Mo, but he ended up taking such an advantage!

                Lin Mo frowned, the shamelessness of this section chief had made him a little annoyed too.

                He pulled He Qianxue and said in a cold voice, "Since you said you cured him, then the next thing will be in your hands!"

                The head of the department froze for a moment, what was next?

                The woman and her two sons looked at him in unison, the head of the department was puzzled but still nodded, "Hmph, you still need to say that?"

                "This patient is my responsibility, and next, I will definitely help him to get well!"

                As far as the department head was concerned, as long as this inexplicable swelling receded, then everything else, would be well taken care of.