Medical Genius Chapter 84-86

 Chapter 84

Xu Hanxia: "Dad, you ...... you ......"

                Fang Hui: "It was Lin Mo who said that again, wasn't it?"

                "This son of a bitch, he can't see anything good in us!"

                "Talking badly about others behind their backs all day long, what kind of goods is he himself?"

                "Hanxia, you must divorce him. If you don't divorce him, I'll die for you to see!"

                Xu Hanxia was sweating profusely and threw a file bag on the table, "I won't talk to you anymore, you can read it yourselves!"

                "What are you looking at?" Fang Hui angrily scolded.

                Xu Hanxia said angrily, "These are all the files of that boss Zhou, the police station has registered them all. The evidence is overwhelming, and he's already wanted!"

                "What?" Xu Jiangong Fang Hui's face changed rapidly.

                "Impossible!" Huang Liang immediately said, "Sister Hanxia, have you been tricked by Lin Mo? This file, did Lin Mo give it to you?"

                "Humph, that son of a bitch Lin Mo, he's not at all well-intentioned. This file, he must have made it up himself!"

                "Boss Zhou, how can you be a liar!"

                "Mom and Dad, you've seen it too, the money in Boss Zhou's account, and Boss Zhou's house."

                "Liar, can you have these things?"

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui nodded repeatedly, "Xiao Huang is right, Boss Zhou's funds and properties would not be faked!"

                Xu Hanxia said anxiously, "This file, taken from within the police station, this is what really can't be faked ah!"

                "Hmph, just because Lin Mo said it was taken from the police station, did he really take it out from the police station?" Xu Jiangong glared, "Hanxia, I'm your father, do you trust me or that Lin Mo?"

                Xu Hanxia was furious: "I ...... believe in the facts!"

                Xu Jiangong: "The truth is that Boss Zhou is a big shot, he helped us solve the problem with the company's account, and is going to take us into the real estate industry and make us rich!"

                "That Lin Mo, he's just jealous that our family is going to rise to the top and is worried that you'll kick him out, so he's trying everything he can to thwart us."

                "He deliberately made up bad words about Boss Zhou and even insulted and beat him in public, trying to cut off our fortune."

                "This man, despicable and shameless, down to the extreme!"

                Xu Hanxia was anxious: "Dad, you ...... have to believe me, Lin Mo is not that kind of person, he really wants what's best for the family!"

                "Shut up!" Xu Jiangong angrily scolded, "If you mention Lin Mo in front of me again, don't blame me for breaking off the father-daughter relationship with you!"

                Xu Jiangong left in anger, and Fang Hui was filled with hatred, "Hanxia, you're usually a smart person, how could you be fooled by that loser Lin Mo? Hey, I should have let you two divorce earlier!"

                Huang Liang said with a low laugh, "It's okay, it's the same if we let them divorce now!"

                "Right!" Fang Hui immediately nodded, "Xiao Huang, find that lawyer friend of yours and ask him to arrange it."

                "If Lin Mo doesn't want to divorce, then sue for divorce."

                "Our family has money now, if he doesn't get a divorce, we'll get him to go to jail!"

                Xu Hanxia said urgently, "Mom, how can you talk like that? Lin Mo is also doing this for the good of the family!"

                Fang Hui scorned, "I pooh, he's doing it for the good of the family? If he really wants what's best for the family, then he should hurry up and get a divorce."

                "If it weren't for him, would our family be in this state?"

                "Our family would be better off without him!"

Chapter 85

Xu Hanxia went downstairs in annoyance and found Lin Mo, who was still downstairs, and told him what had happened at home.

                Lin Mo was also helpless, Xu Jiangong Fang Hui was too prejudiced against him, and it was not easy to persuade these two people.

                Xu Hanxia sighed and said, "This boss Zhou is obviously a liar, but it's just that Mom and Dad won't listen to me. Hey, what can we do?"

                Lin Mo thought for a moment, "The most crucial thing now is not to let Mom and Dad move the company's funds around. This way, even if mum and dad fall for it, they won't lose much!"

                "Okay, I'll keep an eye on the company's accounts when I get back later."

                Not long after Xu Hanxia went upstairs, she called again, with a sobbing voice: "Lin Mo, something has happened, the company ...... company account is missing three hundred million!"

                Lin Mo was planning to leave, when he heard this, his whole body was a jolt.

                Three hundred million, not a small amount!

                "Where did the money go?" Lin Mo said urgently.

                Xu Hanxia: "I don't know either!"

                "Xue'er is in charge of the finances now, she ...... said she received my order to transfer the money to an account ......"

                "But, I never transferred money, the official seal is not even here with me!"

                Lin Mo's face suddenly changed: "It must have been moved out by Mom and Dad!"

                Xu Hanxia: "They both ...... they transferred so much money for what?"

                Lin Mo said urgently, "Must have been cheated by Boss Zhou!"

                "You quickly go find them both and ask what's going on."

                "I'm going to find Boss Zhou now and control him first!"

                The two split up, and Xu Hanxia hurried upstairs and rushed into Xu Jiankong's office.

                "Dad, there's 300 million missing from the company's accounts, where did the money go?"

                Xu Jiankong's face changed as he smiled.

                Looking at each other and Fang Hui, Xu Jiangong said in a serious tone, "Hanxia, you know all about it, ah."

                "Well then, I won't hide it from you either."

                "This money, I transferred it out to work with Boss Zhou and bought a piece of land to develop real estate ......"

                "What!?" Xu Hanxia exclaimed, "You ...... you transferred the money to that boss Zhou? Dad, that's a liar!"

                "Shut up!" Xu Jiangong angrily slapped the table, "I repeat, Boss Zhou is not a liar, he is our family's benefactor."

                "He's a liar!" Xu Hanxia roared.

                "How long have you only known him, how much do you know about him, and you're transferring 300 million to him?"

                "Dad, are you out of your mind?"

                Fang Hui was instantly enraged, "How can you talk to your father!"

                "Who is your father doing this for, but for you?"

                "Do you know what the return on investment of this project is?"

                "More than ten times! More than ten times!"

                "Three hundred million dollars invested, reporting at least three billion!"

                "With such a large sum of money, our family, we will be able to become a big family in Guangyang City, this is our family's chance to rise, you know?"

                "Our family only has you and Xue'er two daughters, mum and dad are doing all this, but it's for you two, you ...... how can you let your dad's good intentions down like this?"

                Xu Hanxia was filled with pain: "I know you guys are doing it for my own good, but the problem is, this boss Zhou is a liar ......"

                "Shut up, I forbid you to talk about Boss Zhou like that!" Fang Hui was also furious.

                Several people in the room argued, and at that moment, an employee happened to pass by the door.

                Listening to the argument inside the house, a brilliant aura flashed in this employee's eyes.

                He quietly went to the bathroom at the back, took out his mobile phone and sent out a message.

Chapter 86

The Xu family compound.

                The Xu family all looked dead silent.

                After the company had been acquired, the family had been driven out of Xu Pharmaceutical.

                Now they were only small shareholders of the company, no longer having the status of calling the shots they had before.

                Suddenly, Xu Chang Yuan ran in with an excited face.

                "Grandpa, happy news, heavenly happy news!" Xu Changchang said excitedly.

                "At this time, what kind of happy event can there be?" Xu Jianping was dismayed, "Don't disturb your grandfather's rest!"

                Xu Changchang said excitedly, "Dad, it's really a happy event, something has happened to Xu Pharmaceutical!"

                "Something's happened?" Everyone sat up straight, Xu Yongqing had an excited look on his face, "What is it? Is it serious?"

                Xu Changchang said excitedly, "Enough for Xu Hanxia to go to jail!"

                "Speak up, speak up!" Xu Yongqing was so excited.

                Xu Changchang cleared his throat, "In the company, I have also arranged for a close friend."

                "This crony just sent me a message, saying that Xu Jiangong took Xu Hanxia's official seal, borrowed Xu Hanxia's name and embezzled three hundred million from the company!"

                "It said it was given to a boss named something like Zhou, to invest in real estate. And this Boss Zhou, is a fraud!"

                Xu Yongqing was overjoyed, "There's still such a thing? Hahaha, misappropriating the company's money privately, even if he is the chairman, he still has to be held responsible."

                "What's more, it was her relatives who embezzled the company's money. If this matter goes big, she will have to go to jail for at least ten years!"

                "Come on, let's go to Xu's Pharmaceutical now. We are still shareholders of the company and have the right to ask about the company's financial movements!"

                The Xu family members got into the car aggressively and headed straight for the Xu Pharmaceuticals.

                On the other hand, Lin Mo found the place where Boss Zhou lived according to the location provided by Chen Shengyuan.

                As it turned out, the place was already empty, no one was there.

                And just then, Lin Mo also received a call from Xu Hanxia.

                "Lin Mo, something has happened. Xu Yongqing brought ...... other shareholders of the company and came to the company to cause trouble ......"

                Lin Mo's heart was shocked, the thing he was most worried about had still happened.

                "Wait, I'll be right back!"

                He quickly rushed to Xu's Pharmaceutical.

                This time, the security guards didn't stop Lin Mo either, mainly because the upstairs was already in an uproar.

                Going upstairs, from afar, he heard Xu Jiangong arguing with someone.

                "What's wrong, I'm Hanxia's father. Hanxia is the chairman of the company, her company, is my company, so why can't I dispose of the company's assets?"

                "I'm just diverting three hundred million, that's also a normal investment. When the time comes, to earn back more than three billion, won't you guys share the money?"

                "You people, you're not capable of making money, I'm taking you to make money, and you're still not grateful to me?"

                Lin Mo padded over, only to see that everyone from the Xu family had basically arrived.

                Not only that, there were also some minor shareholders of the company, all concentrated here, making a lot of noise.

                Xu Hanxia was surrounded by the crowd, her eyes red. As the chairman of the board, she was under the most pressure.

                A man shouted, "Xu Jiankong, just cut the crap!"

                "No matter what your relationship with Xu Hanxia is, you are not qualified to dispose of the company's assets."

                "You're breaking the law by privately diverting the company's money!"

                "Just wait for the police to come and arrest you!"

                Xu Jiangong panicked a little and hurriedly said, "I ...... I am not privately appropriating the company's money!"

                "Oh?" Xu Yongqing sneered, "Then you mean that Xu Hanxia instructed you to do so?"

                "General Xu, do you admit to this?"

                Fang Hui said anxiously, "Halfsia, help your father, he's also doing it for your own good!"

                Xu Hanxia's face turned pale, if she admitted to this matter, then she would have to bear the three hundred million.

                As the chairman of the board, being cheated out of three hundred million, she would be facing jail time!