Medical Genius Chapter 838

 Lin Mo had ignored the head of the department from the beginning to the end, he had been observing this patient.

                He Qianxue followed beside him and whispered, "Brother Lin, did you find anything?"

                Lin Mo nodded his head and said softly, "Turn your head away, don't look over here."

                He Qianxue said curiously, "Why?"

                Lin Mo: "Just do as I say!"

                He Qianxue beamed, but still obediently turned her head.

                Lin Mo took out three silver needles and reached out and pressed on the patient's chest and abdomen.

                Underneath his skin, it was as if a layer of water was rolling around constantly.

                Lin Mo did not rush the needles, but slowly pressed and pressed like this.

                After pressing for almost three minutes, the man's shoulders suddenly moved a little.

                Lin Mo quickly lowered the needles, three silver needles, and locked them in this spot at the same time.

                Only a bulge appeared on the skin in this area, as if something was about to burst out.

                Lin Mo reached out his hand and pressed down fiercely, holding this thing down hard.

                Then, he took out seven more silver needles and doubled the scope of this blockade.

                This time, this thing finally stopped tossing and turning.

                Lin Mo took out a dagger and gently picked it, and the piece of skin broke straight through.

                There was no bleeding, and no pus came out.

                Underneath this skin, there was nothing, as if it was an empty shell.

                And inside this empty shell, there was something like an octopus, firmly pinned by several silver needles!

                Lin Mo stabbed this octopus with his dagger and took it out directly.

                The tentacles of this octopus were very long, although they did not look big, each tentacle, was almost a metre long.

                As this octopus came out, this man's wound directly began to bubble up, as if a balloon had broken a hole.

                And the man's skin gradually recovered, the swelling all gone, as if he hadn't been sick.

                As the last bit of gas came out, the wound began to bleed.

                Lin Mo watched that blood flow for a while, at first the blood was a little black, but later it became bright red before he put his hand out to stop the bleeding.

                He put the octopus away in a porcelain vase and turned his head, "Alright, you can turn around now."

                Only then did He Qianxue turn her head and take a look at the patient, and she froze in her tracks.

                "Oh my god, Brother Lin, this ...... patient is fine?"

                "You cured him so quickly?"

                Lin Mo waved his hand, "Almost."

                "However, he has injured his vital energy and needs to recuperate for a while."

                "You go get the doctor to come in and bandage his wounds first."

                "I'll write a prescription later, just have him take three doses of medicine according to the prescription!"

                With a look of admiration on her face, He Qianxue immediately pushed open the door and went to call someone.

                The head of the department was not at the door, and she rounded the corner to find the head of the department talking to a few people.

                "Those two, they kicked me out straight away, saying something about treating a patient."

                "I didn't know what was going on, so I called you all here and had to inform you."

                "After all, those two people are not doctors from our hospital, if anything really happens, our hospital can't be held responsible!"

                The head of the department said.

                The woman at the head of the department was immediately annoyed: "How can that be?"

                "My husband is in such a state, how can we just let two people go in and mess with him?"

                "If anything happens to this, I ...... won't be finished with you!"

                The head of the department waved his hand: "I can't control this matter."

                "These two people are arranged by the director, I can't stop them either."

                "This has happened before, with more unusual cases, they will be taken away for research."

                "Why don't you guys go over and take a look first."

                The woman said indignantly, "What? They dare to use my husband as an experiment?"

                "If they dare to hurt my husband, I ...... I'll have to beat them to death!"

                The two men behind them also yelled in anger, "If anything happens to Dad, I'll fight them!"

                "Come on, let's go over there!"