Medical Genius Chapter 837

 Starting from the compulsion in the lake in the villa area, to Song Zhilan's bestie getting compelled.

                Lin Mo had already discovered that in Guangyang City, a group of people from Miaojiang had coalesced.

                Moreover, this group of people, should still be divided into several batches.

                They were looking for a person, and Lin Mo initially suspected that the person they were looking for was Ah Man.

                Only, Lin Mo did not know what these people were looking for Barbara for, so he could only investigate the situation first.

                As for Barbara, Lin Mo left her at Wangjiang Garden, where it was absolutely safe.

                Lin Mo took He Qianxue with him and visited the first case first.

                This case, was in a nearby hospital.

                With He Qianxue following him, Lin Mo met the patient without any problems.

                This patient was in a separate ward, his body was swollen and bloated, his features were all squeezed into the flesh, and he looked a little scary.

                The one who brought them over was one of the department heads here.

                He was about thirty years old and was considered young and talented to be sitting in the position of head of the department.

                Therefore, he was also full of arrogance and his gaze was mainly focused on He Qianxue, basically not even looking at Lin Mo much.

                "The hospital side has done tests but can't find anything."

                "Every day around two o'clock in the middle of the night, the patient is in agony."

                "We've used many methods and we can't help him with his pain."

                "I consulted my mentor, President Zhao Xian of Haicheng, and he, too, has no clue for the time being."

                "By the way, President Zhao Xian, have you heard of him?"

                The head of the department introduced himself while observing He Qianxue.

                The Dean Zhao Xian he was talking about was a famous doctor over in Haicheng. This department head was often proud of his teacher!

                Hearing the meaning in his tone, He Qianxue bristled and said, "Zhao Xian?"

                "Oh, I remember, he came to visit my grandfather at my house the year before last."

                "Came three times, and my grandfather wasn't even home."

                The section head stared in disbelief, "This girl, what are you ...... you talking about?"

                "My benefactor, that's a titan in the medical field, he visited your grandfather?"

                "If he really came to Guangyang City, I don't know how many people would want to visit him!"

                He Qianxue sneered, "Really?"

                "Then go and ask him, would he dare to let Guangyang City He Jinyan visit him?"

                The section chief bristled, "What is He Jinyan ......"

                Just as he said this, his face changed: "He ...... He what?"

                "You ...... are talking about He Lao, right?"

                He Qianxue said, "What do you think?"

                The department director's face changed instantly, he stared at He Qianxue for a long time and cautiously said, "You ...... are Elder He's granddaughter?"

                He Qianxue asked in return, "What do you think?"

                The department head suddenly remembered that when the hospital had called just now, he had explained that he must entertain these two people well.

                When had the dean ever been so polite to anyone?

                Unless the other party was a big deal!

                Then he remembered the name of this He Qianxue, and his heart thudded.

                There was no doubt that this must be Elder He's granddaughter.

                The department head's face instantly turned swollen red.

                Although Zhao Xian was famous, it was a world away from Elder He.

                It was only right for Zhao Xian to visit Elder He.

                Thinking about how he had just flaunted himself in front of He Lao's granddaughter, he was embarrassed beyond measure.

                "Miss He, I'm really sorry, I ...... didn't know that you were Elder He's granddaughter."

                "Please forgive me if I have offended you just now."

                "If there is anything you need to help here, you can just order!"

                The head of the department hurriedly said.

                He Qianxue waved her hand, "That's enough, you can go out."

                "We are here to treat the patients, not to listen to your bragging."

                The department head's face swelled red, but he finally had to retreat.

                Standing in the doorway, he had an indignant look on his face, "Treating patients?"

                "I'd like to see what you are capable of curing him!"

                "If you can't cure him, He Jinyan's face will be smashed here too!"