Medical Genius Chapter 834

 Wu Weiguo looked at Lin Mo with a supplicating face, "Lin Mo, I ...... know that you are very close to General Manager Song."

                "Why don't you go to General Manager Song and beg for mercy, so that she doesn't withdraw this project no matter what."

                "If this project is not withdrawn, in the future ...... later I will transfer you to me and become the general manager under me, how about that?"

                Fang Ling was also anxious, "Lin Mo, you have to save your cousin ah."

                "He also did it unintentionally, he's still a kid."

                "If he has a record because of this, what will he do in the future?"

                Xu Hanxia shivered with anger, "Third Aunt, Third Aunt's husband, what kind of face do you want Lin Mo to have to go to Mr. Song when Xiao Bing does something like this?"

                "He had a hard time getting your project negotiated, and you guys don't have any thanks at all."

                "As I recall, you guys just finished negotiating the contract last time and left Lin Mo on the side of the road and let him take a taxi back by himself?"

                "Now, the contract is gone and you're coming back to beg Lin Mo?"

                "What do you guys think Lin Mo is?"

                Wu Weiguo's face was embarrassed to the extreme.

                After the contract was signed last time, he felt that Lin Mo would be useless, so he didn't give Lin Mo face.

                Who would have thought that things would take a turn so quickly.

                If he had known this, he definitely wouldn't have treated Lin Mo in that manner at that time.

                Fang Ling, on the other hand, jumped straight up and pointed at Wu Weiguo, cursing, "Wu Weiguo, you old immortal."

                "This is my nephew's son-in-law, how are you treating him?"

                "He has worked so hard to help you, and this is how you ...... treat him?"

                "I ...... I'm not finished with you ......"

                With that, Fang Ling went up and gave Wu Weiguo a scratch.

                Fang Hui hurriedly pulled her back, "Aiya, family peace is prosperous, don't argue, don't argue."

                "Hanxia, Lin Mo, you guys should think of something instead."

                "Do you have to see this family fall apart?"

                Lin Mo was speechless to the extreme, he was not a fool, of course he could see that Fang Ling was deliberately putting on a show for him.

                "Alright, I'll go and look for General Song."

                Lin Mo said with a sigh.

                Hearing this, Fang Ling immediately stopped choking and said excitedly, "Lin Mo, you ...... will really help us?"

                "Aiya, great, Lin Mo, Third Aunt really thanks you, thank you so much!"

                "Ah Hanxia, you've found a good husband, Third Aunt is really happy for you!"

                Xu Hanxia gritted her teeth and glared at Lin Mo, she was actually not too willing to help with this.

                Lin Mo said, "Third Aunt, don't say such polite things."

                "Little soldier is not very good-tempered, this time when he comes back, you can say anything to keep an eye on him."

                "Otherwise, the next time something happens, it will be difficult to do."

                Fang Ling nodded her head, "Don't worry, don't worry."

                "When this brat comes back, I'll break his legs and see if he dares to cause trouble again!"

                "Lin Mo, Third Aunt thanks you ......"

                Lin Mo waved his hand and led Xu Hanxia out the door.

                Watching the two walk out, a cold aura flashed in Wu Fei Fei's eyes, "What's the big deal."

                "How does my brother manage, do we need him to teach us?"

                "How dare you say behind his back that my father didn't send him back, bad-mouthing people behind their backs, you're simply a villain!"

                "Second Aunt, this son-in-law of yours is becoming more and more unruly!"

                Walking out of the courtyard, Xu Hanxia was indignant: "Lin Mo, you ...... why did you agree to them?"

                Lin Mo shrugged his shoulders helplessly, "Hanxia, look at this situation, can it be possible if I don't say yes?"

                "If I don't agree, they will have to make trouble at your house every day, and I don't know what kind of trouble they will make."

                Xu Hanxia was helpless: "Hey, Third Aunt's family, why has it become like this?"

                "Let's ...... go to Mr. Song, how can we tell them?"

                "Xiaobing has done such a disgraceful thing, I feel ashamed even knowing him."