Medical Genius Chapter 833

 Song Zhilan was the notoriously beautiful president of Guangyang City, once the number one beauty in Guangyang City, and the number of people who wanted to meet her could not be counted.

                It was under such circumstances that the security of the Yun Chuang Group became stricter and stricter.

                It was impossible for ordinary people to enter the Yun Chuang Group.

                Even if they had business dealings, they had to register with the security guards first, and then the front desk would arrange for them.

                Under normal circumstances, Song Zhilan would not normally meet her clients casually. Even for some particularly important clients, they are handled by her subordinates.

                Unless they were Song Zhilan's own friends or some particularly important people, she might meet them.

                Wu Fei Fei said that Wu Bing had met with Song Zhilan, which in itself was problematic.

                What kind of status did Wu Bing have, and how did he meet Song Zhilan?

                Fang Hui waved her hand, "Hey, Hanxia, what do you care about such trivial matters?"

                "The key thing now is that your cousin has been taken away and your third aunt's husband's contract is gone."

                "What about this ...... what about this?"

                Xu Hanxia said indignantly, "Mom, don't keep asking me what to do, I must at least know what the situation is."

                Fang Hui said urgently, "Just now Fei Fei did not say very clearly, Song Zhilan despises our family ......"

                Xu Hanxia directly interrupted her, "Is Song always this kind of person?"

                "Mom, do you dare to confront Mr. Song?"

                "Do you know what happens to slander?"

                Fang Hui stuttered for a moment, she was actually very clear about what had happened.

                Xu Hanxia's beautiful eyes widened as she looked straight at Wu Fei Fei, "Wu Fei Fei, tell me the truth, what is going on?"

                Wu Fei Fei said in a low voice: "I ...... I just said ah ......"

                Xu Hanxia directly slapped the table, "If you don't say it, then I'll forget it."

                "Lin Mo, let's go!"

                "In this house, we are not staying, let them go!"

                Xu Hanxia pulled Lin Mo and was about to leave, when Fang Hui became anxious and hurriedly pulled the two of them back.

                "Aiya, don't be in a hurry guys."

                "Fei Fei, you should tell us the specifics instead."

                Wu Fei Fei gave Xu Hanxia a sullen look before finally gritting her teeth and telling her the real situation.

                After hearing this, Xu Hanxia was so angry that her body shivered, "Third Aunt, Third Aunt's husband, you ...... still have the face to come to me for help?"

                "Your son did such a thing, don't you ...... even feel ashamed yourselves? Don't you all feel ashamed?"

                Fang Ling lowered her head and huffed, not speaking.

                Wu Weiguo's face was blue and he gritted his teeth, "This brat, I ...... don't know how he could do such a thing."


                Fang Hui, on the other hand, was anxious: "Halfsia, the most crucial thing now is to find a way to save your cousin."

                "Also, this contract, how ...... can you just say it's cancelled?"

                "All signed the contract, this Song Zhilan, how come there is no contract spirit at all?"

                Xu Hanxia said in a good-natured manner, "If you think she has no contractual spirit, then you go sue her?"

                Fang Hui's eyes lit up, "Yes, Weiguo, either ...... or take the legal route ......"

                "If she really defaults on the contract, when the time comes, she will have to pay for the breach of contract ah!"

                "I just don't believe it, is she really going to come up with that much liquidated damages for a few words?"

                Wu Weiguo cried out, "Second sister, this ...... is simply impossible."

                "Let's not talk about whether or not we can sue the Cloud Creation Group, even if we do win, the head office will definitely not allow us to do so."

                "If the cooperation with the Cloud Creation Group is gone, I'm afraid that the head office will also collapse."

                "So, it's not a question of liquidated damages now."

                "Yun Chuang Group won't care about this amount of liquidated damages, but this project, for Warren Corporation, is a life-saver!"

                "If without this project, the head office is finished, I ...... I'm dead too ......"

                Fang Hui froze: "Is this ...... so serious?"