Medical Genius Chapter 831

 Song Zhilan looked annoyed, "Dog, so it wasn't Lin Mo who sent you here?"

                "How dare you lie to me?"

                "Are you looking for death?"

                Wu Bing's face changed greatly, what was this?

                This reaction from Song Zhilan was so unexpected ah.

                By all rights, shouldn't she be a little shy after she had said these words?

                Even if she didn't agree, she wouldn't at least be angry.

                But what was the situation now?

                At this moment, the door to the room also opened directly, and the secretary rushed in with a few women.

                These women, wearing security uniforms, were all Song Zhilan's personal bodyguards.

                One of the women came up and directly hooked a leg, knocking Wu Bing to the ground.

                At the same time, she clasped Wu Bing's arm and twisted it so hard that Wu Bing's face turned pale with pain.

                "Let go, let go, it's going to break ......"

                Wu Bing screamed miserably.

                No one paid any attention.

                Song Zhilan's face was icy cold as she pointed at Wu Bing and said angrily, "How dare you, how dare you impersonate Lin Mo's name to find me?"

                "Hmph, do you know that I was in a meeting just now."

                "How much damage will you do to our company if you cause me to delay this?"

                Wu Bing's face was pale, how could he have imagined that Song Zhilan could temporarily stop the meeting for the sake of Lin Mo!

                What kind of situation was this Song Zhilan in towards Lin Mo?

                However, he didn't have time to think about this now, he was truly scared.

                "Miss Song, I ...... didn't mean to ......"

                "I really admire you, that's why ......"

                Song Zhilan was furious: "Slap your mouth!"

                A female bodyguard came over and cracked a few slaps on Wu Bing's face, both sides of Wu Bing's face instantly swelled up.

                Although they were female bodyguards, these ones were not weak, they were not inferior to men at all!

                Song Zhilan said in a cold voice: "You've borrowed Lin Mo's name to come up here, and you still say you didn't do it on purpose?"

                "Do you really take me for a fool?"

                "Hmph, what I hate most is trash like you!"

                "Go, take him to the police station."

                "Also, inform Warren and cancel the contract with them!"

                After finishing her sentence, Song Zhilan turned around and left, not even looking at Wu Bing.

                Wu Bing was going crazy, he had only come to express his admiration, there was no need to make such a big fuss, right?

                It was fine for him to be beaten himself, but to be sent to the police station, that would be a problem.

                Moreover, the bottom line was that if Warren's contract was cancelled, then his dad would be finished too.

                What would the family do then?

                Wu Bing now regretted to the core, regretting why he had listened to his sister's advice.

                Of course, he was even more puzzled to the core in his heart.

                What was this all about?

                Why would Song Zhilan treat Lin Mo so well, but treat himself like this?

                What was so good about Lin Mo?

                At noon, Lin Mo had just received Xu Hanxia and was planning to go out for dinner.

                When Fang Hui's phone call came straight away, as soon as he got through, he heard Fang Hui's sobbing voice: "Hanxia, you should come back soon."

                "You ...... your third aunt is dying ah ......"

                Xu Hanxia's face changed greatly: "What ...... is going on?"

                Fang Hui cried, "Come back quickly, you can't tell over the phone!"

                Xu Hanxia panicked in her heart and hurriedly led Lin Mo towards home.

                Although she was discontented with Third Aunt's family, but after all, it was Third Aunt, if anything happened to her, she would also be sad ah.

                As a result, when she arrived at home, she found Fang Ling sitting nicely next to Fang Hui.

                Wu Weiguo, Wu Fei Fei was also sitting here.

                Wu Fei Fei's head was lowered and her neck was strained, as if she was very unconvinced, and her eyes were even filled with resentment.

                Fang Ling's eyes were all swollen, and Wu Weiguo's face was blue, as if he was extremely angry.

                Xu Hanxia frowned, what is this situation?

                He said on the phone just now that he was dying.

                But this looks like a good thing, nothing is wrong?

                What's this all about?