Medical Genius Chapter 830

 Wu Bing followed what Fei Fei Wu had said and rushed to the Yun Chuang Group with great enthusiasm.

                Just as he reached the entrance, he was stopped by the security guards.

                Song Zhilan was cold and aloof, and generally people would not let her enter the Yun Chuang Group casually.

                Wu Bing gave the security guard a glance and immediately said, "Hey, I was here just yesterday, have you forgotten?"

                "My dad is Wu Weiguo, the president of Turbo Group's branch in China."

                "We have a big business deal with Yun Chuang Group, we just signed a contract yesterday ......"

                Wu Bing rambled on for half a day, but the security guard still had a stern face and looked like he didn't know you.

                Finally, he had no choice but to say, "I came with Lin Mo yesterday, Lin Mo, do you remember?"

                The guard's face immediately changed and was full of respect, "Oh, so it's Mr. Lin's friend!"

                "Sorry, I've been offended."

                "That, what do you want?"

                "I'll ask the receptionist to arrange it for you?"

                Wu Bing almost fainted from anger.

                Damn it, I've been saying this for half a day, but I still can't catch up with the two words Lin Mo?

                My dad was the president of Warren's branch in China, and he wasn't worth as much as Lin Mo's friend?

                What the hell?

                He spat in his heart, but he didn't dare to say anything on his mouth, lest he be beaten out by the security guard.

                The security guard took him to the front desk.

                As soon as the receptionist heard that he was Lin Mo's friend, she immediately smiled like the wind and was eager to serve him.

                Wu Bing was depressed to the core, but still followed his sister's explanation, "It's like this, Lin Mo has some business and asked me to come and look for Mr. Song."

                After saying that, he looked at the little girl with a feeling of apprehension.

                He didn't know if he could see Song Zhilan by Lin Mo's name alone.

                The little girl immediately said, "Wait a moment, I'll call General Manager Song now!"

                The little girl really started to act immediately, and before long, she put down the phone and smiled, "General Manager Song is waiting for you upstairs, let me send you up!"

                Wu Bing almost vomited blood.

                Lucia had come to the company several times, but she hadn't been able to see Song Zhilan.

                As a result, he had just reported the word Lin Mo, and he had met Song Zhilan so smoothly?

                He went upstairs with depression, and in the lift, he tidied his hair carefully.

                When the lift stopped, Song Zhilan's secretary was waiting at the door.

                "Hello, this way please."

                The secretary took Wu Bing to Song Zhilan's office.

                Song Zhilan was sitting behind her desk, and today she was wearing a rare long, fiery red dress.

                Her perfect figure was outlined even more delicately by this long dress.

                Although the aura on her body was still undiminished, she now gave off an even more seductive beauty.

                The moment Wu Bing saw her, he felt his breath stagnate a little.

                This was truly a thrilling beauty!

                Wu Bing's heart was on fire to the core, such a beauty, what was wrong with being two years older than himself?

                Song Zhilan glanced at him and said, "What did Lin Mo ask you to do here?"

                Wu Bing tossed his hair and put on what he thought was his most handsome look and smiled, "Miss Song, actually, it's not a big deal."

                "It's mainly because I met Miss Song once before and was amazed, and I've been thinking about Miss Song in my heart."

                "So, I came to pay a visit today."

                "If there are any abruptness, please forgive me, Miss Song!"

                Wu Bing said these words in a literary manner, which was a draft he had made long ago.

                He wanted to portray an image of a gentleman in front of Song Zhilan and, moreover, to show his admiration for her in a straightforward manner.

                Moreover, from his experience over the years, he knew very well.

                When you confess your love for a woman, even if she doesn't like you, she is still happy in her heart.

                Because, that's a reflection of her charm!

                After saying these words, Wu Bing smiled lightly and looked up, wanting to see what Song Zhilan's reaction was.

                Who knew that as soon as he raised his head, he saw Song Zhilan throw an ornament from the table over and smash him in the face.