Medical Genius Chapter 829

 Wu Bing was unconvinced, "What did you say?"

                "I ...... What about me is inferior to him?"

                "I'm taller and more handsome than him, I'm more educated than him, I come from a better family than him, and I came back from abroad!"

                "It's that he's not on the same level as me!"

                Wu Fei Fei sneered, "Since you're so capable, why don't you take down Song Zhilan?"

                "If you had taken down Song Zhilan, huh, why would we both need to run here?"

                "I've heard that Song Zhilan has no less than twenty houses like this in Guangyang City alone!"

                Wu Bing was full of envy, "Really?"

                "Is she that rich?"

                Wu Fei Fei said, "Of course!"

                "Those girlfriends of mine, it's not like you don't know, they're all famous ladies in Guangyang City."

                "They all know about what goes on in the circle."

                "Song Zhilan's wealth alone is comparable to the richest of the ten families, the Song family, think about it yourself, how rich she must be!"

                Wu Bing drew back a breath of cold air and looked excited: "This ...... If we can take her down, won't our family be rich?"

                Wu Fei Fei: "So ah, I've always said that you have to focus on Song Zhilan."

                "Look at Lin Mo, he's not as good as you at anything, and he still hooked up."

                "You're so much better than him, so why can't you hook up?"

                Wu Bing nodded vigorously, "You're right, I should focus on Song Zhilan."

                After a moment, Wu Bing said awkwardly again, "But how ...... can I get in touch with Song Zhilan?"

                "This son of a bitch Lin Mo, I asked him for Song Zhi Lan's number and he wouldn't even give it to me."

                "The average person wants to see Song Zhilan, that ...... is too difficult!"

                "If I had Song Zhilan's number, I would have gotten her a long time ago!"

                Wu Fei Fei also froze for a moment, pondered for a long time and whispered, "Why don't you just go and find her directly!"

                Wu Bing: "Find her?"

                "Will that work?"

                "Lucia has made several trips to her company and hasn't been able to see her."

                "How can I see her if I go here?"

                Fifi Wu laughed, "Fool!"

                "You won't think of a way to be roundabout!"

                Wu Bing was surprised: "What solution?"

                Wu Fei Fei said, "Isn't she close to Lin Mo?"

                "When you go, just say that it's Lin Mo who has something to do and ask you to bring something to Song Zhilan."

                "That way, won't you be able to meet Song Zhilan."

                "With your height and looks, plus your status of being back from abroad, a few words, Song Zhilan's attitude towards you will definitely change immediately."

                "When the time comes, leave a phone number, still afraid of not being able to pry Lin Mo's corner?"

                Wu Bing's eyes lit up, "Aiyo, sis, that's a great idea you have."

                "Okay, let's do it then, I'll go to her company now!"

                "Hahahaha, I'm sure I'll win!"

                "Sis, are you going or not? I'll let you watch a good show!"

                Wu Fei Fei waved her hand straight away, "No need, I'm talking to my boyfriend, don't bother me!"

                Wu Bing was surprised, "Boyfriend?"

                "Since when did you have a boyfriend?"

                "Don't you like Chinese men?"

                Fei Fei Wu: "Who said he was Chinese?"

                "He's from Rice, taller than you, better looking, and a gentlemanly and polite man."

                "Besides, he's also a senior member of the Huang Group, which is a big deal."

                "Let me tell you, if I make it work with him, in the future, our family will definitely be rich!"

                Wu Bing was surprised: "Really?"

                "A senior member of the Huang Group?"

                "Huang's group, that's a big group!"

                "I heard that in Guangyang City, that Huang Yongfeng's status is second only to Nanba Tian."

                "Being a senior in his company, that's really a big deal!"

                Wu Fei Fei had a smug look on her face, "So ah, you should leave me alone."

                "Your future brother-in-law is still waiting for me to return the message, so hurry up and get lost!"