Medical Genius Chapter 828

 Xu Hanxia sneered, "He's not worth trusting? Then you're worth trusting?"

                "Last time when you borrowed a car, you said properly that your girlfriend was driving it."

                "And what happened, you drove the car, hit someone, and in the end, my family had to help you out."

                "What face do you have to tell me and make me believe you?"

                Wu Bing looked embarrassed: "I ...... me that was all a small matter!"

                "But Lin Mo this is all in principle, he's violating the bottom line here!"

                "He's a son-in-law, he's eating and living in our house, he's also having an affair, you ...... don't even care about that, do you?"

                Xu Hanxia waved her hand impatiently, "Don't worry about my family's affairs."

                "Also, don't say anything bad about Lin Mo in front of me in the future."

                "Remember, you guys, he's my husband, he's my own person."

                "You guys, are not!"

                With those words, Xu Hanxia directly got up and left.

                The two people's faces instantly became embarrassed to the extreme.

                Wu Fei Fei said angrily, "Xu Hanxia, what are you tugging at?"

                "What, when you become the chairman of the company, you don't recognise your relatives anymore?"

                "We were kind enough to talk to you for fear that you'd be cheated, and you take our kindness for an ass's lungs?"

                Xu Hanxia glared at her, "Don't talk to me about kindness and good intentions!"

                "If you were really kind and nice, you wouldn't be spreading rumours out there that I owe you guys a million and six hundred thousand!"

                Wu Fei Fei said angrily, "Then you do owe us a million and six hundred thousand!"

                "I still have the note, do you want me to show it to you?"

                Xu Hanxia was so angry that she turned around and left, she really didn't want to pay attention to these two shameless people.

                Lin Mo was in his room changing his clothes, when he saw Xu Hanxia enter, he smiled gently: "Are you angry with them again?"

                "Why do you have to be normal with them?"

                Xu Hanxia said angrily, "I'm not angry about that, I'm worried that they'll use today's incident as an opportunity to run and stay at our house again."

                "After what happened last time, they have gone home for a few days, and our family has been quiet for a few days."

                "If they come over again, what will our family do?"

                Lin Mo said softly, "It's alright, just ignore them."

                "Once my side is taken care of, we'll go and live in Wangjiang Garden, that'll be fine!"

                Xu Hanxia gave him a blank look, "You, don't say anything about Wangjiang Garden."

                "When the company makes money later on, we can both go out and buy a two-room apartment."

                "As long as we don't live with them, I'm happy with any house, even if it's a dirt house!"

                Lin Mo smiled and took Xu Hanxia into his arms, saying softly, "Fool, how could I bear to let you live in a dirt house?"

                "I want to give you the best in the world, all the best!"

                Xu Hanxia's body was a little soft, and she was enjoying this feeling.

                After embracing each other for a while, she gave Lin Mo a flirtatious white glance, "Alright, don't delay my work!"

                "I still have to earn money to support my family and this little white boy of yours, hahaha ......"

                At the end of the sentence, Xu Hanxia herself couldn't help but laugh back and forth.

                Lin Mo also laughed: "Good, then I'll eat your soft rice from now on!"

                Xu Hanxia stretched out her delicate jade finger and nudged Lin Mo's head: "You're thinking better!"

                "You go out and earn money, I'll stay home and be a rich wife!"

                Lin Mo stood up straight: "As you wish!"

                The two of them smiled at each other, everything was in the air.

                Downstairs, Wu Bing Wu Fei Fei failed to stir up trouble and were both so angry that their faces turned blue.

                "This Xu Hanxia, she's sick in the head, isn't she?"

                "Lin Mo didn't return last night and she didn't even ask a single question?"

                "What the hell?"

                "I clearly watched Song Zhilan drive Lin Mo away and not come back all night, and this is still fine?"

                Wu Bing said indignantly.

                Wu Fei Fei waved her hand, "Forget it, just stop talking about that."

                "When it comes to picking up women, you and Lin Mo, you're not on the same level!"