Medical Genius Chapter 826

 It was only after he had taken care of the aftermath that Lin Mo returned to Song Zhilan's place.

                Of course he didn't tell Song Zhilan the real situation, only that a Miao frontier man had accidentally landed a compulsion here.

                After hearing this, Song Zhilan finally breathed a sigh of relief.

                However, she still insisted that she wanted to move away, she wanted to move her best friend to the city.

                She now had a shadow over this suburb of the city.

                Lin Mo didn't stop her either.

                If all the Seventy-two Dong Masters came to Guangyang City, then they might really raise their compulsions in the suburbs.

                If they didn't raise compulsions, the compulsions they had with them would all have to starve to death.

                Therefore, the outskirts of Guangyang City are not really safe nowadays.

                When he thought about the situation in his villa, Lin Mo suddenly realized.

                The parasites in that lake should be artificially placed, not originally there.

                At this moment, Lin Mo's heart was also violently shocked.

                Even if the Seventy-two Dong Masters wanted to raise compulsions, they would normally choose a hidden place to avoid being discovered.

                However, placing the compulsion in the lake, this did not fit the characteristics of concealment at all.

                Could it be that someone was behind the push for that compulsion in the lake in the villa area?

                Did someone collaborate with the Miao frontier people to deliberately put the compulsion in that lake so as to achieve some kind of purpose?

                Lin Mo thought back carefully on this matter.

                The final result of the incident in the villa area was that Fang Shao was ruined and sent to prison.

                And who was the one who profited from this incident in the end?

                When he thought of this, Lin Mo's heart was suddenly moved.

                In this matter, he had certainly profited from it. However, the one who really profited the most was the current family head of the Fang family.

                After all, according to the situation of the Fang family, Fang Shao's father was the one who was the rightful owner of the Fang family and had succeeded the old master in charge of the Fang family.

                However, after this incident, Fang's father died, Fang was jailed, and the two heirs were all gone.

                So, the current family head, becomes the real beneficiary ah!

                As for that villa area or whatever, the reason why the Fang family ignored it at that time was probably that the position of the head of the family was unstable at that time, so they didn't care.

                Moreover, they must have thought that if the parasites inside the lake were not removed, it would be useless for Lin Mo to take it and instead smash it in his hands.

                When the time came, they might even be able to acquire it back at a low price and make another fortune from Lin Mo.

                It had to be said that the current Fang family head had really played a good game!

                Previously, Lin Mo was still unclear about the situation, but after this incident tonight, he suddenly connected all these things together.

                It looked like he should find the time to go to the Fang family!

                Nanba Tian had given him a year to swallow the Ten Great Families.

                Now of the ten families, the Zhou family was subservient to him and obeyed his orders.

                The Fang Family had lost a lot of strength, but it was still within the top ten families.

                It looked like he could make the first move from the Fang Family this time.

                Early the next morning, Lin Mo went back to Wangjiang Garden first.

                It was still early in the morning and Lin Xi was still wrapped up in her blanket.

                Lin Mo tucked her in and then went to the Wang family villa first.

                Ah Man was already sitting in the living room, trying to turn on the TV.

                Seeing Lin Mo enter, she was instantly filled with shyness and whispered, "Big Brother Lin."

                Lin Mo smiled and carried the dan stove over to the sofa, "Let me show you something."

                Ah Man immediately came over, "What is it?"

                Lin Mo opened the dan furnace.

                When Barbara took a look, she couldn't help but stare.

                Inside the furnace, it was densely packed with colourful centipedes, making one's scalp tingle.

                Lin Mo had been observing Barbara, and although she was frozen, she wasn't the least bit intimidated.

                For a girl, this would be too unexpected.

                "What's this ......?"

                Barbara said curiously, looking at her, leaping to her feet as if she was planning to touch these centipedes.

                And in fact, after Lin Mo opened the lid, these centipedes also seemed to boil over and crawl out desperately.