Medical Genius Chapter 825

 This centipede was somewhat similar to the ones Lin Mo had caught before.

                Only, the centipedes Lin Mo had caught before were all too small, only finger-length.

                This centipede, on the other hand, was over a foot long, and Lin Mo had never seen such a large centipede before.

                After this centipede came out, it crawled directly onto the pile of things that the man had just spat out, as if it was devouring those things.

                At the same time, the man's trouser legs shook and a small red-coloured snake also crawled out.

                Inside the clothes on his chest, something bounced around and eventually popped out, a grey toad.

                Inside his hair, too, something crawled out, a black-covered scorpion.

                And finally, from inside his ear, a tiny spider crawled out.

                All five poisonous creatures, lying on the pile of black matter that had been spat out, kept devouring the stuff.

                The man, on the other hand, was sitting on the ground, letting out a strange laugh of Jie Jie Jie.

                "Don't think that just because you know some methods of antidotes to poison, you can go against us Miao Frontiersmen."

                "Once the five poisonous compulsions are out, who can solve them?"

                "Today, if you don't tell me who is behind this, I will make you die without a body!"

                Lin Mo's face was cold as he said in a deep voice, "You and I have never met before, but you have used such a vicious Five Poison Compulsion against me.

                "Carrying so many parasites with you, aren't you afraid that you will suffer a backlash?"

                The man laughed wildly, "We Miao Frontier people have been practicing compulsions for so many years, but we haven't seen anyone suffer a backlash yet."

                Lin Mo sneered, "That's because you haven't met me!"

                With those words, Lin Mo took out a porcelain vase from his body.

                Lin Mo took out some powder and sprinkled it on top of the five poisonous creatures.

                As if they were stimulated, the five poisonous creatures kept trembling and emitting a faint sound.

                The man's face changed, this was a situation that he had never seen before.

                How could the parasites that he had personally refined suddenly go berserk?

                He let out a whistle from his mouth and wanted to command these poisonous creatures to attack and kill Lin Mo.

                As a result, these poisonous creatures did not even bother to attack Lin Mo, instead, they all rushed towards him.

                The man's face turned pale as he said in a trembling voice, "How could this happen? How could this happen?"

                "You guys ......"

                Before he could finish his words, the first red snake to crawl over had already bitten him with one bite.

                The man let out a miserable cry, as if his entire body's strength was all drained in this one moment, and he directly collapsed to the ground.

                Lin Mo let out a soft cry.

                Those poisonous creatures immediately stopped, as if they were all controlled by Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo walked over to the man and said softly, "If you want to live, answer me a few questions!"

                With his last strength, the man gritted his teeth and said, "I ...... won't say anything ......"

                "You ...... will never find her ......"

                "Never ......"

                "Miaojiang, can only ...... belong to my master only ......"

                After saying that, the man's head lolled and he died on the spot.

                Lin Mo frowned.

                These words of the man made him think in his heart.

                He asked which Dong he was working for, and said that all the Dong masters of the 72 Dong had come to Guangyang City, indicating that something big had happened over at Miaojiang.

                And when he said he would never be able to find her, who was this she, to whom he was referring?

                Also, he said that Miaojiang belonged to his master, who was his master again?

                From within these words, Lin Mo analysed a few points.

                Firstly, the Seventy-two Dong Masters should have come to Guangyang City to look for a person.

                This person, on the other hand, had come to stop the Seventy-two Dong Masters from finding this person.

                Lin Mo took a deep breath, what was going on over at Miaojiang?

                Lin Mo had originally planned to ask something from this person, but now it seemed that this person was quite loyal to his master.

                Lin Mo took out some corpse melting powder and melted this corpse, so as not to alert others tomorrow.

                As for the five poisonous creatures, they were also put away by Lin Mo.