Medical Genius Chapter 824

 The man's face changed instantly, he turned around violently and with a shake of his right hand, a long strip of something, like lightning, flew out.

                Not far behind him stood a man, none other than Lin Mo.

                When he saw this object coming, Lin Mo did not dodge it and reached out and directly seized it.

                The hand was slippery and twisting, and it wrapped around Lin Mo's wrist directly.

                Only then did Lin Mo see clearly that what the man had thrown out was actually a small snake with a red body.

                Lin Mo's hand happened to grab the snake's body, but not the seventh inch.

                This little snake, wrapped around Lin Mo's wrist, opened its mouth and bit towards Lin Mo's arm.

                Lin Mo reacted very quickly and his left hand quickly clasped the seventh inch of the snake, which immediately went limp.

                At this moment, the man also turned his head.

                This was a man in his forties or fifties, with a somewhat strange appearance and gloomy eyes.

                Lin Mo frowned: "Who are you?"

                "Why are you raising parasites here?"

                The man glanced at Lin Mo disdainfully, "Ignorant little boy, how dare you go against old me, you are simply looking for death!"

                "Do you know that what you are holding is the Red Snake that I have been condensing for many years."

                "The poison of the Red Snake is not in its teeth, but in its body."

                "From the moment you grabbed the Red Snake, you are a dead man!"

                "Old man isn't interested in talking to dead people!"

                Lin Mo then laughed coldly as he suddenly dropped the red snake with his hand, throwing it to the ground.

                "Do I look like I've been poisoned to you?"

                The man's face changed.

                Lin Mo's mid-air, his expression calm, his hands not changing in the slightest, did not look like he had been poisoned at all.

                What was this situation?

                The poison of the Red Snake was something he knew best, and it would kill him if he touched it.

                This young man in front of him, who had decapitated the Red Snake, was even fine, what the hell was going on here?

                "You ...... who the hell are you?"

                "Why do you want to fight against me?"

                The man said with a gloomy face.

                Lin Mo: "It's not that I'm against you, it's that you've crossed the line!"

                "The way to raise a compulsion must be in a deserted place."

                "You are raising compulsions around the city, do you know how many innocent lives would die if the compulsions were to get out of control?"

                The man gritted his teeth, "Don't you talk such nonsense!"

                "I'll just ask you, who are you working for anyway?"

                Lin Mo: "I don't work for anyone!"

                The man stared at Lin Mo for a moment and sneered, "You think I'll believe you?"

                "Tell me, which Dong are you working for?"

                "If you don't tell me, don't blame me for being ruthless!"

                Lin Mo frowned, "Dong?"

                "You mean, the 72 Dong of Miaojiang?"

                The man glared, "Nonsense!"

                "The seventy-two Dong masters of the hundred thousand mountains of Miaojiang are all here."

                "Don't tell me that you don't know anything and have come to fight against me?"

                Lin Mo, on the other hand, had a cold look on his face.

                Inside the jade pendant, there was information about the Miao Frontier.

                The One Hundred Thousand Great Mountains was the land of Miaojiang.

                The 72 Dong, on the other hand, were the 72 forces in charge of the 100,000 Great Mountains.

                Each Dong was an extremely powerful force.

                Some of the seventy-two Dong are hostile to each other, while others are close to each other.

                However, the most crucial point is that the people of Miaojiang hardly ever set foot outside the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains.

                The Dong masters of the 72 Dong will not leave the 100,000 Great Mountains.

                Now, all the Dong masters of the 72 Dong had come, what was the situation?

                Just as Lin Mo was pondering, the man quietly stuffed a black pie-shaped object into his mouth.

                He chewed hard with a grim expression, as if he was enduring severe pain.

                Lin Mo saw this scene and his face turned cold: "You and I have never met, why are you using this Five Poison Compulsion against me?"

                The man spat out the chew and gritted his teeth, "And you say you're not working for them?"

                "Apart from the Miao frontier people, who else knows about this Five Poison Compulsion?"

                "Today, you will die!"

                With these words, the man sat down on his knees and opened his mouth, and a huge, colourful centipede crawled out of his mouth!