Medical Genius Chapter 820

 Wu Weiguo glanced at Wu Bing, "All right."

                "You just don't make trouble."

                "That incident last time, you belonged to the one who bailed out."

                "If we make any more trouble, we'll be in trouble then."

                Wu Bing was indignant: "Then you can't swallow that either!"

                "We told him the day we came back that we wanted him to help us sign the contract, but it's been delayed until now.

                "He didn't even take a look at himself, what kind of a person is he, and he's asking us to beg him?"

                "Besides, this son of a bitch is too sinister."

                "Look at the way Song Zhilan treats him. This son of a bitch is clearly trying to trick Song Zhilan too."

                "The more I look at him, the angrier I get!"

                Wu Weiguo waved his hand, "I know what you mean, don't be anxious."

                "I've already signed this contract, and soon I'll be the president of Warren Corporation in China."

                "When the time comes, when we're on firm footing, we'll take care of him!"

                "Also, that Song Zhilan, you should not hit on her."

                "She's two years older than you, she's not suitable for you!"

                In fact, Wu Weiguo didn't say anything, he himself had long had his eye on Song Zhilan. The reason he didn't let his son get involved was because he wanted to keep Song Zhilan for himself.

                In his opinion, although Song Zhi Lan had money and status, she was still a woman.

                And a senior talent like him, who had returned from overseas, would certainly have a fatal attraction to such a woman.

                Wu Bing had a resigned look on his face, "On what grounds?"

                "What's wrong with being two years older?"

                "Look at how well Song Zhilan has maintained herself, you can't even tell, she looks much younger than even me."

                "I don't think it's a problem!"

                Wu Weiguo glared at him, "Bullshit!"

                "I'm warning you, no hitting on her."

                "Or else, from today onwards, you won't take a single penny from me!"

                Wu Bing instantly wilted.

                After a moment, his eyes burned once again.

                "Dad, I won't say anything about Song Zhilan."

                "But that woman at the hospital today, she slapped me... I want a statement on this matter, right?"

                Wu Weiguo frowned, "What do you want?"

                Wu Bing gritted his teeth and said, "I have never been hit since I was a child."

                "This debt, I must get it back from her."

                Wu Weiguo pondered for a moment and said, "Fine, you can do it yourself."

                "But remember, don't go too far!"

                "That guy you hit last time, that's a lesson."

                "The country is not like the old days, many rich people, once you mess with them, I'm afraid it's very troublesome."

                Wu Bing sneered, "Dad, what are you afraid of?"

                "She's just a small nurse in the hospital, it's easy to clean up this kind of person, isn't it?"

                "If she was really rich, could she run away to become a hard and tiring nurse?"

                Wu Weiguo nodded, he actually didn't put He Qianxue in his eyes either.

                In his opinion, someone who did this kind of hard work must not have much to fall back on.

                Lin Mo took a taxi himself and went back to the hospital first to simply pack up.

                Then, he went back to Wangjiang Garden and took out some of his treasured herbs.

                He called Xu Hanxia and told her not to wait for him for dinner.

                At 8pm, Song Zhilan picked up Lin Mo on time and the two of them went straight to Song Zhilan's villa on the outskirts.

                The villa was a bit remote, mainly because Song Zhilan didn't dare to let outsiders know about her best friend's affairs.

                Once that young man in the capital knew that her best friend was still alive, there was no telling what kind of trouble she would cause.

                When Lin Mo arrived here, he first circled around this courtyard and frowned slightly.

                "Around here, where is someone living these days?"

                Lin Mo asked.

                Song Zhilan pointed to a reassurance, "Over there, two hundred metres, I think, there's a village."

                "However, there aren't many people living in the village."