Medical Genius Chapter 819

 Lin Mo looked at Wu Bing's lewd face and almost spat on his face.

                Rubbish, you spend all your time out on the streets, and you still want to chase Song Zhilan? What's wrong with you?

                The heir of that big family in the capital couldn't even catch up with Song Zhilan, so who are you?

                Lin Mo didn't bother to pay attention to him and simply stopped talking.

                Wu Bing, on the other hand, was annoyed: "Lin Mo, why don't you say anything?"

                "What, there's a ghost in your heart, right?"

                "I knew it, I knew it, you son of a bitch, you're definitely having an affair with Song Zhilan!"

                "Wait for me, I'll call my cousin right now and tell her about it!"

                Lin Mo bristled, "Whatever you want."

                Angered, Wu Bing immediately took out his mobile phone and called Xu Hanxia.

                Just as he finished speaking about the matter, Xu Hanxia said indifferently, "Have you said enough?"

                "What kind of person is Lin Mo, I know much better than you, he would never do such a thing!"

                "I'm warning you, if you ever speak ill of Lin Mo to me again, don't blame me for being unkind to you!"

                Xu Hanxia hung up the phone straight away.

                Wu Bing, on the other hand, was dumbfounded, what was this?

                Xu Hanxia, so trusting of Lin Mo?

                Lin Mo was looking at Wu Bing with a cold face, this family was really ungrateful.

                He had just signed the contract for them, and he immediately turned his back on them.

                It seems that he should be more wary of them in the future.

                Ten minutes later, Wu Weiguo turned to a street corner and parked straight away.

                "Lin Mo, I have to rush back to the company, you can get off here!"

                Wu Weiguo said.

                Lin Mo frowned, this place, it was still several miles away from the hospital, just drop yourself off here?

                Just now when you guys asked me to help with the contract, you ran to the hospital to pick me up.

                Now that the contract has been signed and you don't need me anymore, you won't even send me back?

                "Third Aunt's husband, I have some urgent business back at the hospital too."

                "You just brought me out from the hospital, now you're leaving me here, what am I going to do?"

                Lin Mo said with a frown.

                Wu Weiguo said impatiently, "I know, but I've got something back at the company!"

                "I have to hurry and take this contract back and get it sent to the head office before Lucia gets off work!"

                Lin Mo said, "It's still more than two hours before closing time, you can still make it in time even if you take a detour."

                Wu Weiguo: "Then I still have to send Xiaobing to the northern suburbs first, they have friends meeting there."

                "That's a lot of time, isn't it?"

                "Besides, there's a bus here, can't you just take the bus back yourself?"

                Lin Mo's face was chilled.

                You were the ones who brought me out and asked me to sign the contract for you.

                Now that the contract has been signed, you immediately cross the river and tear down the bridge.

                Instead of sending me, a great meritorious man, back, you rush to send your son to a friend's party instead, this is how you treat your benefactor?

                Lin Mo gave Wu Weiguo a deep look and said softly, "No problem."

                "Third aunt's husband, the contract is already done."

                "I hope that in the future, if you have anything to do, don't come to me again!"

                With those words, Lin Mo got out of the car straight away.

                Wu Weiguo looked at Lin Mo's back and snorted, "Fuck, what the hell?"

                "If it wasn't for this contract thing, why would Laozi be looking for this loser like you?"

                "Rubbish thing, you really take yourself seriously."

                "Just signing a contract and you want me to treat you with respect? On what grounds?"

                Wu Bing nodded repeatedly, "That's right."

                "He's just a son-in-law, and he's still pushing back when he's asked to help sign a contract."

                "He doesn't even know his own status, he's just a dog raised by my second aunt's family, what right does he have to be on an equal footing with us?"

                "Dad, the more I look at him, the more unhappy I am. Why don't I find someone to clean him up in a few days?"