Medical Genius Chapter 817

 Song Zhilan listened for a while and waved her hand in an intent manner, "All right, you don't need to say anything."

                "Since Mr. Lin has come personally, then this project, I will definitely sign."

                "The price, however, has to be reduced by twenty percent from the number you said!"

                Wu Weiguo froze for a moment and was just about to speak when Song Zhilan spoke again.

                "You don't need to say more."

                "This price you're talking about is certainly not the price Lucia gave you."

                "You've raised the price by at least thirty percent privately and want to take credit for it, right?"

                "I'll give you a twenty percent reduction now, and you've still made ten percent."

                "You go back, to the company, to Lucia, and you're all accounted for."

                Wu Weiguo's face instantly turned pale.

                Just as Song Zhilan had said, he had indeed added 30% to the price Lucia had given him.

                He thought that Lin Mo was on good terms with Song Zhilan, so, he wanted to make a profit from it, which was the so-called killing of a familiar face.

                But he didn't expect that Song Zhilan would have insight into everything.

                You know, the price, it was all a commercial secret, and Lucia had only told him the exact figure today.

                Before that, Lucia would definitely not have told anyone, otherwise, it would have put Warren's company in a passive position.

                And Song Zhilan, surprisingly, had guessed their price at once?

                Wu Weiguo was shocked to the core. He suddenly realised that Song Zhilan was able to stand in the position she was in today, not because of her good looks.

                Her ability was not inferior to that of any man!

                At this moment, Wu Weiguo did not dare to say anything else and nodded his head repeatedly, "Thank you, Mr. Song, thank you very much!"

                Song Zhilan waved her hand, not caring about him at all.

                The secretary drew up the contract and both parties signed it, and the project was considered a done deal.

                Wu Weiguo held the contract, his body shivering with excitement.

                With the completion of this project, he would become the president of Warren's branch in China.

                As for Lucia, she would become the president of the Asian region.

                In other words, by that time, Wu Weiguo would be the head of the Chinese company.

                This was a position he had dreamed of for a long time!

                "Mr Song, thank you for giving me this opportunity."

                "To thank you, I would like to treat you to a meal, I don't know if you have time ......"

                Wu Weiguo said with a smile.

                Song Zhilan didn't even look at him and waved her hand directly, "Dinner will be excused."

                "You guys go out first, I still have something to say to Mr. Lin."

                Wu Wei Guo Wu Bing froze.

                What else do you two have to say?

                Lin Mo was a little embarrassed, "Mr. Song, what is there ...... to do?"

                Song Zhilan smiled, "The secret between us, have you forgotten?"

                Lin Mo remembered, it was probably about her daughter.

                But the problem was, Wu Weiguo and Wu Bing, the way they looked at Lin Mo, immediately looked different.

                What was the secret between the two of them?

                These two, were they really having an affair?

                Wu Weiguo, with his doubts, and Wu Bing, with his face full of jealousy and resentment, were finally led out of the office by the secretary.

                Lin Mo watched the two leave and said helplessly, "General Song, in future, can you speak without being so ambiguous?"

                "These two go out and don't know what to think!"

                Song Zhilan guffawed, "What do you care what they think!"

                "I don't even mind, do you mind?"

                Lin Mo was speechless.

                Song Zhilan came over to Lin Mo and smiled, "What, you're worried that Xu Hanxia will be angry?"

                "You're worried that she won't want you?"

                "Don't worry, if she really doesn't want you anymore, I want you!"

                After saying that, Song Zhilan herself first laughed out loud.

                Lin Mo was speechless to the extreme: "Alright, let's get down to business."

                "How is it going now?"

                Some time ago, Lin Mo had come over and transplanted the heart.

                Lin Mo had also observed it for a while, everything should be back to normal ah.

                Song Zhilan said, "My daughter's condition is completely fine."

                "However, I ...... have had a bit of an accident with my bestie's situation."