Medical Genius Chapter 816

 Lin Mo simply kept his mouth shut.

                Every time Wu Bing yelled about coming back from abroad, he wanted to slap him across the face.

                What's the big deal about coming back from abroad?

                If you were really that capable, why would you come begging me?

                Soon, the three of them arrived at the Yun Chuang Group.

                Wu Bing got out of the car and followed behind excitedly.

                Lin Mo frowned: "Where are you going?"

                "I'm going with my third aunt's husband to talk about cooperation, why are you following him?"

                Wu Bing said, "I'll go with you to talk."

                Lin Mo froze for a moment, "You're coming with us?"


                Wu Bing gave a heated smile, "I actually want to see a big company like the Yun Chuang Group!"

                In fact, deep down in his heart, this guy mainly wanted to see Song Zhilan.

                The last time he met her, he was amazed, and he hadn't seen her since then.

                When he got the chance this time, of course he had to go along no matter what.

                Lin Mo had no choice but to take him upstairs with him.

                When he entered Yun Chuang Group, the security guard at the entrance immediately bowed and said, "Mr. Lin, you're here."

                "General Manager Song is waiting for you upstairs!"

                Wu Weiguo looked dumbfounded.

                He had to know that the Yun Chuang Group, in Guangyang City, was a well-known big enterprise.

                He had been here several times before, and each time he was stopped at the entrance.

                This security guard, although he didn't have that arrogant attitude, was also not condescending and let them register clearly before entering.

                And when Lin Mo came over, this security guard nodded and seemed to be respectful, what was the deal with that?

                Just because Lin Mo had done Song Zhilan a favour?

                The security guard sent the two to the front desk, where a beautiful woman in a long black dress was waiting, she was none other than Song Zhilan's personal secretary.

                "Mr. Lin, you're here."

                "President Song asked me to come down to fetch you, let me take you up."

                The secretary smiled.

                This secretary, although her looks were not as good as Song Zhilan and Xu Hanxia, she was also an absolute beauty.

                Between a smile, it made Wu Weiguo Wu Bing look dumbfounded.

                Of course, Wu Weiguo was more shocked.

                This was Song Zhilan's personal secretary, and even Lucia had a hard time getting to her.

                Now, Lin Mo had come and she had even greeted him personally, how much importance did this Song Zhilan attach to Lin Mo?

                Under the guidance of the secretary, they went straight to the top floor, to Song Zhilan's office.

                Song Zhilan was dressed in professional attire, and she looked like an urban white-collar worker, but more than that, she still had that queen-like dominance!

                Inside the office, there was also a charming fragrance, which was unique to Song Zhilan's body fragrance.

                When Song Zhilan saw Lin Mo, she immediately smiled, stunning the crowd once again.

                "Mr. Lin, you're here, please have a seat!"

                Song Zhilan said with a smile.

                Lin Mo sat down on the sofa, and at that moment, something that left Wu Weiguo and Wu Bing dumbfounded happened.

                Song Zhilan, surprisingly, sat directly beside Lin Mo, as if it was very natural.

                Both of them looked at each other and froze.

                What was this situation?

                How could Song Zhilan and Lin Mo be sitting so close to each other?

                In fact, Lin Mo was also embarrassed beyond belief.

                He originally thought that Song Zhilan was going to sit opposite him, but who would have thought that Song Zhilan would sit directly next to him.

                This made him feel like he was sitting on pins and needles.

                Song Zhilan was all smiles, "Two, please sit down!"

                Only then did Wu Weiguo and Wu Bing react.

                Wu Bing immediately moved over and prepared to sit next to Song Zhilan.

                Song Zhilan frowned slightly and said unhappily, "Sit opposite!"

                Wu Bing was startled and hurriedly ran to sit next to Wu Weiguo.

                The look in his eyes at Lin Mo was full of resentment and jealousy.

                Next, the two sides discussed the matter of cooperation.

                When talking about business, Song Zhilan acted more domineering.

                Wu Weiguo had prepared everything on the way, but in front of Song Zhilan, he stammered and couldn't even speak in one piece.

                Song Zhilan's queenly aura had completely deterred him!