Medical Genius Chapter 815

 Wu Weiguo's face changed and he immediately opened the door and rushed out.

                In the corridor, Wu Bing stopped He Qianxue, with five finger marks on one side of his face.

                His face was grim as he pointed at He Qianxue and shouted, "Bitch, how dare you hit me?"

                "I'm talking to you nicely, but you don't give a fuck?"

                "I'll kill you ......"

                With those words, he directly threw a slap at He Qianxue as well.

                Luckily, Lin Mo arrived in time and directly grabbed Wu Bing's arm, pushing him to stumble.

                He Qianxue, on the other hand, had a delighted face as she hid behind Lin Mo and made a face at Wu Bing.

                "Want to hit me? You should ask my big brother Lin if he agrees first!"

                Wu Bing froze, "Lin ...... Lin Mo?"

                "What do you mean?"

                "What do you want?"

                Lin Mo said in a deep voice: "Wu Bing, this is a hospital, watch your words and actions!"

                Wu Bing was furious: "What's wrong with my words and actions?"

                "She hit me, look at my face, she hit me!"

                "What, I've been beaten and I can't fight back?"

                Lin Mo was too lazy to talk nonsense to him and said directly, "Third Aunt, take him out first."

                "I'll pack up and follow you to the Yun Chuang Group!"

                Wu Weiguo, on the other hand, frowned, "Lin Mo, let's take care of this matter first."

                "We are our own relatives, the little soldier was beaten up, we can't just end it like this, can we?"

                Lin Mo was annoyed, your son molested a girl and got beaten up, how else do you want to deal with it?

                However, he didn't bother with nonsense and said directly, "General Manager Song is going out later, she only gave us half an hour."

                "If you want to deal with it here, then how about we finish up here first?"

                Wu Weiguo's face changed greatly and he immediately said, "That ...... that go to the Cloud Creation Group first."

                Wu Bing said anxiously, "Dad, then what about me here?"

                Wu Weiguo said indignantly, "She's here, she's not going to run away, why are you panicking?"

                "If this business is negotiated, do you know what the concept is?"

                Wu Bing immediately nodded his head.

                He knew very well that if this business was negotiated, Wu Weiguo's position would be promoted again, so of course he couldn't delay his family's future.

                Wu Bing gave He Qianxue a fierce glare and gritted his teeth, "Bitch, this isn't over!"

                "You wait for me!"

                Wu Bing followed Wu Weiguo and left.

                He Qianxue looked annoyed, "Brother Lin, what kind of person is this?"

                Lin Mo said helplessly, "It's that cousin of Han Xia's who came back from abroad."

                During this period of time, He Qianxue knew more or less everything that had happened to the Xu family.

                He Qianxue's eyes widened, "Just him?"

                "No wonder he can get into trouble outside, but he's really a straw man."

                Lin Mo waved his hand, "Alright, just don't be angry."

                "I'm going out for a while."

                He Qianxue was instantly annoyed, "You're running away again!"

                "What kind of shift are you working here?"

                "I'm here for a few hours a day, and I'm out all day fooling around."

                "What do you want me to do here alone?"

                That voice, that expression, it was as if she was a disgruntled woman who had been abandoned in a deep house.

                Lin Mo couldn't answer at all and hurriedly ran away.

                Outside, Wu Weiguo was waiting in his BMW.

                Wu Bing's eyes were full of anger, and when he saw Lin Mo enter the car, he immediately said angrily, "Lin Mo, why did you stop me just now?"

                "Are you having an affair with that slut?"

                "I'm telling you, I'll tell my sister about this later, I'll see how you'll explain to her!"

                Lin Mo was speechless to the extreme and waved his hand, "Do as you please."

                "Anyway, you remember, this woman, you'd better not mess with her."

                Wu Bing sneered, "Aiyo, who are you scaring?"

                "What, your own concubine is great, huh?"

                "What else is better not to mess with? What about this slap she gave me?"

                Lin Mo glanced at him, "What's a slap?"

                "If you mess with her again, you'll even lose your life!"

                Wu Bing laughed outright, "Lin Mo, you can really fucking brag!"

                "A little nurse, what can she do to me?"

                "Don't forget, I've come back from abroad!"