Medical Genius Chapter 814

 Lin Mo still wanted to speak, but Fang Hui had already hung up the phone.

                Lin Mo was dumbfounded.

                What do you mean you have to take it no matter what?

                Lin Mo didn't even know how big this project was, nor did he know what the situation was, so why should he demand that Song Zhilan had to sign it?

                However, he also knew that it was pointless for him to argue with Fang Hui about this.

                In her opinion, since she was an acquaintance, she should help.

                As for what exactly was going on, she wouldn't care.

                After pondering for a while, Lin Mo still called Song Zhilan first to ask for the details.

                As soon as the call was answered, Song Zhilan's slightly lazy voice came through, "Mr. Lin, why do you have so much time to call me today?"

                The tone was lazy and the voice was sweet and cloying, as if she was talking to the person she was closest to.

                Lin Mo smiled awkwardly and told her the general situation.

                Song Zhilan snapped, "Oh, so it's about business."

                "Heh, I thought you were calling me because you missed me!"

                Lin Mo was speechless for a while.

                Over there, Song Zhilan giggled, "Alright, just teasing you."

                "That Warren Company you mentioned, I know."

                "Do you have any ideas?"

                Lin Mo said, "I was going to ask, this cooperation, is it important?"

                Song Zhilan: "It's alright, it has a bit of influence on the future layout of the company, but not too much."

                "If you want me to sign up with Warren, that's no problem either."

                Lin Mo sighed and told his side of the situation.

                After listening, Song Zhilan said quietly, "Mr. Lin, you're really good to Xu Hanxia."

                "You can even agree to such a rude request from her family, huh?"

                Lin Mo sighed helplessly, "I can't help it, I can't make things difficult for Hanxia."

                Song Zhilan also sighed, "It's really Xu Hanxia's greatest luck that she found you."

                "Fine, since you asked for it, this project is no problem."

                "As long as Warren's price won't be too outrageous, it's all negotiable."

                Only then did Lin Mo breathe a sigh of relief, "Then we'll go over later?"

                Song Zhilan giggled, "Sure."

                "I'll be waiting for you at the company."

                Not long after putting down the phone, Wu Weiguo rushed over.

                He first frowned, surveyed the surroundings, and bristled, "Lin Mo, this office of yours is too humble, isn't it?"

                "Go and look at those employees in our company, even a small leader has a richly decorated office."

                "Hey, this hospital's treatment is really far inferior to that of foreign companies!"

                Lin Mo was too lazy to argue with him and nodded his head repeatedly, "Yes, yes."

                Wu Weiguo's vanity was satisfied and he said with a smile, "When I sign off on this project later, I'll transfer you to our company."

                "By then, you won't have to sit in this shitty office!"

                Lin Mo smiled, not dismissing it.

                Of course he wouldn't go to Wu Weiguo's company, as far as Wu Weiguo's virtue was concerned, if Lin Mo went there, he would be scolded to death by him.

                Just then, a voice suddenly came from outside: "Get lost!"

                Lin Mo frowned, this was He Qianxue's voice, who had made her angry?

                At this moment, Wu Bing's smiling voice came in, "Aiya, pretty girl, why are you angry?"

                "I was just joking with you!"

                "Come on, introduce yourself."

                "My name is Wu Bing, I've just returned from abroad, my dad is the general manager of Warren's branch in China."

                "I'm not too familiar with the domestic situation, why don't you take some time and take me out for a stroll?"

                Lin Mo couldn't help but be speechless, why did this Wu Bing come along?

                Moreover, he dared to molest He Qianxue, wasn't this looking for death?

                Sure enough, a loud slap sounded from outside, accompanied by He Qianxue's angry scolding, "I don't care where you're from!"

                "Get the hell out of here right now! Don't let me see you again!"