Medical Genius Chapter 813

 Dean Chen at the back was also wide-eyed, exclaiming, "What's going on with this ...... this ......?"

                Barbara's arm, surprisingly, had now become as smooth as jade, and the pus sores and blisters from before were now completely gone.

                Her skin, like that of a small baby, was full of the luster of life.

                Moreover, her skin was so white that it was completely different from her previous condition.

                Dean Chen, Mrs. Chen, was all shocked.

                They had also learnt from Lin Mo that this patient was a girl.

                Before this, they couldn't even tell her gender, so naturally they couldn't imagine that this girl would have had such good skin, ah.

                Lin Mo said, "Her condition is getting better."

                "Right now it's just the skin on both arms that has returned to its original state."

                "When some time passes, the skin on her whole body will return to its original state."

                "At that time, you will be able to take her out."

                Mrs. Chen was full of surprise, "Really?"

                "Barbara ...... Barbara will become beautiful, won't she?"

                Barbara's eyes revealed a shyness among them as she quietly looked at Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo smiled lightly, "Of course."

                Mrs. Chen was overjoyed, "Great!"

                "Barbara, when you are well, auntie will take you out, buy you clothes and take you to eat delicious food, okay?"

                Dean Chen, on the other hand, had tears in his eyes as he inexplicably thought of his own daughter who had died young.

                Lin Mo greeted Dean Chen and gestured for him to go out with him.

                Walking to the garden, Dean Chen said in a low voice, "Mr. Lin, is there something wrong?"

                Lin Mo said, "I want to trouble you to help me spy out some information."

                Dean Chen was surprised, what was the matter, and so mysterious?

                "Mr. Lin, just give me an order!"

                Dean Chen immediately said.

                Lin Mo: "Dean Chen, your connections in the major hospitals in Guangyang City are quite extensive."

                "I want you to help me look for some rather special cases, the kind that you can't even check out on your own, nor can you treat."

                Dean Chen was immediately filled with excitement, "Mr. Lin, you want to take a shot at saving them?"


                "With Mr. Lin's hand, any disease, there's no problem!"

                "The patients of Guangyang City are blessed!"

                Lin Mo smiled gently, his aim was not to prepare to hang a pot and cure the world, at least he didn't have the ability to do so now.

                What he wanted to do had to do with Barbara, he wanted to investigate who was actually looking for Barbara.

                Dean and Mrs Chen had lunch here, before reluctantly bidding farewell to Barbara.

                Barbara stood by the window and watched Lin Mo send them away, with some attachment in her eyes.

                This girl had finally felt at home.

                Two more days passed and on this day, Lin Mo was at work when he suddenly received a call from Fang Hui.

                "Lin Mo, what happened to what you promised your third aunt's husband before?"

                Lin Mo couldn't help but frown: "What did I promise him?"

                Fang Hui was annoyed: "You kid, you forgot, didn't you?"

                "Your third aunt's husband and his company have a partnership with Song Zhilan's company!"

                "Now, your third aunt's husband is in full charge of this project."

                "If it's not done properly, your third aunt's husband will have to be thrown out of the company."

                "What you promised, why didn't you do it?"

                Only then did Lin Mo remember this matter.

                At that time, it was a casual promise, but he was still rather busy during this period of time and hadn't even gone to Song Zhilan.

                Unexpectedly, Wu Weiguo remembered it very clearly instead, ah.

                Lin Mo: "Then I'll find some time and contact General Manager Song."

                Fang Hui immediately said, "No need."

                "Your third aunt's husband is right here with me, it just so happens that he has time now, I'll have him go to you now."

                "You take him to Yun Chuang Group, have a good chat with General Manager Song, we have to take this project no matter what!"